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  1. Braddock Bay last night, standing at the boat launch pulling out, a pike swam up from nowhere and swam around me under the dock, slow swim with its head out of the water, never went down once until I lost it in the dark. I made a small attempt to stick my snagproof frog in its mouth and snag it, didn't try too hard, didn't seem fair lol
  2. I backed my trailer into my 60k corvette this week end.......trailer 1 corvette 0 final
  3. serves chad right for not telling us what his secret lure is...haha
  4. "It also seems that very first light and right at dusk is about the only time you can really get them to bite as they disappear as the sun gets higher in the sky" well said Chad! you can fish the back channel with zara spooks early morning and at dusk also. do it all the time. chrome with black back along with g-finish shad colors seem to work the best. walk the dog fast to get the pike to jump right out of the water with it in its mouth, pretty cool actually. the post above about fishing the mouth of the bay is right on too..hope this helps!
  5. I might be interested, do you have any reels for sale for muskie too?
  6. what did you use? I'm heading over there this week ....not sure what to get em with
  7. thanks for the reply Mike, great article!!! keep em comin....still searchin for the infamous Zach...haha
  8. who's Zack? how do I reach him(screen name)? Thanks so much for the replies everyone, keep em coming!!.....I am building my muskie arsenal as we speak
  9. I went out and caught a 72inch muskie first cast, state record. there's a story for ya or a wet dream haha
  10. nice...what did you catch it on?
  11. for some reason, I spent 2 or 3 years of pain throwing everything at pike on the river at the islands with no success. then I discovered the Mepps Syclops chrome with pink markings and everything changed. on a sunny day in the coves on the river I could see the pike streaking across the clear water from 50 yards away at my lure...amazing! such a bright flash on a sunny day certainly did the trick. caught 11 in 3 hours the first time I used it...definitely recommend you get some...hope this helps
  12. I been fishing for a long long time, never have caught or targeted a muskie...the time has come to target tiger muskie in Conesus lake this week. a local gave me some tips on using large black/yellow bucktail spinners....does anyone have any suggestions on what lures to use to help me catch my first tiger muskie....I always practice catch and release, no matter what is in season or not.....your help will certainly put a smile on my face and always be appreciated. I will post a pic of what I catch and certainly thank you for your help....Please Respond and please include what colors to use with the type of lure....THANKS SO MUCH! Craig
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