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  1. that will be a tasty one!.
  2. He was probably just confirming that he is an "ASS" hole.
  3. out last night with 122 other boats around. fishing still sucks bad. even the charter guys have had it.
  4. hey jigstick, do you always look for the this temperture? wondering what temp the walleye like? i just installed a fishhawk and looking forward to using it to help catch fish.
  5. you may be better checking out the quintefishing forum. its will closer to your target. good luck.
  6. its definitely a matter of finding the right water, temp and depth. so far i haven't found any of it
  7. good job, last year was a tough one for me off bronte.
  8. Bronte: Sunday Morning 7:30 - 12 noon. Fished 140 to 100 feet. didn't move a rod. Fished upper 50 feet plus one rigger on the bottom for lakers. Frustrating to say the least.
  9. went out Sunday from 730 till 12. fished 240 feet into 100. only fish that hit was a 10 pound laker when I decided to knock the bottom with my rigger ball cause i was getting bored. beauty day on the water, no fleas, a few flies, flat water. But no fish. marked a handful in the upper column.
  10. That's a great explanation. Thanks for explaining that. I guess i am in the market for a speed/temp probe.
  11. SO I may be missing something but if the boat is going a certain speed over ground (based on your GPS) how is it that your lure can go slower "or faster" then the boat for any prolonged amount of time? I can see currents maybe influencing the lure action for short bursts but eventually that lure must follow the boat at the speed the boat is going. If my boat averages 2.5mph for 1 hour I suspect my lure will have averaged the same speed over that hour as well. I am a novice here so tell me how this works.
  12. was out of bronte on Tuesday morning. one coho after 3 hours. the screen was empty except for bait around the 100fow mark.
  13. Forgot to add that all but one caught on a green/silver NK 28 (i believe that's what its called) behind a watermelon flasher.
  14. Headed out by myself to get used to the rigger gear. On the water by 7am, Fished to 11am. Tons of bait around 100-125 fow. On the advice of a local charter fished 175-200fow down 30-40'. Went 5 for 6 on 5-7 pound coho. Nothing big but fun to catch. Kept one for the BBQ. Thanks to the captain for the advice.
  15. nice fish! first year going after the salmon out of Bronte. what was your general area you were working?
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