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  1. Im interested in buying all your stuff. Also lokin for planer reels. Got any? Im goin to long point sat. Can i come see Where u located??Call me. Graham 607-3434681 [ Post made via iPhone ]
  2. im new to salmon fishing this year, went to ontario in may with a buddy brown fishin ,caught what i thought were nice fish 10lb brown and 11 lb coho , by the end of the week i put my 16 ft walleye killer in garage went and bought 20ft boat down riggers and much more ,went back in june did good caught more browns and a steelhead, but lost three much bigger fishwhen we got off lake realized there was tournament goin on,2 guys were carrying a big cooler when they opened it i couldnt believe my eyes,three guys had 9 of the biggest fish ive ever seen''decided i was commin back next day , got a flat on the way home ,replaced it re rigged everythingi had went to bed at midnight got up at 2am headed back up ,i had to get one of them, hooked into 3 landed 1 , been there every weekend since ,250 miles round trip from binghamton ,even came up flood weekend ,i love lou ,ive learned so much and had so much fun, but now the lake fishing appears to be over but when i came in the salmon river guys were catching fish like crazy , i wany to come up this weekend ,whats my best plan of attack, any help would be greatly appreciated,thankyou im addicted and not quiten till there are no more left :
  3. interested in these dodgers and your spoons and stick bates please call me Graham-607-343-4681
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