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  1. Fished Saturday out of little salmon. Trolled almost to Oswego and back 30-140 fow 10 hours 20 miles. Never moved a rod. Marked a little bait in front of stack that was it. Our first trip of year. Got lots of spoons clean at least
  2. 1990 sport craft 232 fishmaster 23.5 ft walk around cudy new 350 long block 3 years ago. Approximately 15 hours. New binimi top never used. Pedestal seats 2 years old. 2 batteries one new last year one 2 years ago. One canon mag 10. Hummingbird 757 with gps rocket launcher. Runs great trailer is a little ugly but tows good new tire. Boats been on Ontario all its life just to big for me now located in Binghamton ny. Call or text 607-343-4681
  3. I can text pictures. Couldn’t get on here.
  4. 25 hp evinrude. Electric start long shaft. Runs good. $1200. Can call or text 607-343-4681
  5. Motor serviced every year. Runs great. 20 inch long shaft pull start $1400. May be easier to call or text 607-343-4681
  6. I’m interested. I really just want the Yamaha and the trolling motor but would consider whole package. Could you call me at 607-343-4681
  7. That’s always from me I’m having problems with my engine. I pulled it I’ve got to have machine shop check heads and block for cracks. Hopefully that happens today. I let you know. Thank you
  8. Where are you located Does it have exhaust manifolds
  9. I don’t know how I’d ever get it here. I’m in Binghamton ny
  10. graham hall

    Sold / Closed 1994 Penn Yan 223 Rage

    Give me a call when you get here we’ll set something up. 607-343-4681
  11. I have a sport raft with the wac. Was yours a wac
  12. graham hall

    Sold / Closed 1994 Penn Yan 223 Rage

    I’d like to look at the boat. I’m heading to Mexico today. I ha ve a place in salmon country marina.
  13. Ill be in mexico around noon today. & there for weekend. Ill definitely take them if you still have them. If you want to call its 6073434681. My place is in salmon country on little salmon river. Thanks
  14. Do riggers have auto stop. I'm also in Binghamton
  15. I have a sportcraft 232 walk around  do you have a topyou'd want to sell   May be interested in other parts including the auto pilot   What is the boat year. Is it a walk around ?

    1. Blind Squirrel

      Blind Squirrel

      It is a 1988 I don't know if top would fit its not a walk around The top was only used 3 years before it broke down if you know anybody looking for a 4.3 chevy or trailer let them know Thanks

    2. graham hall

      graham hall

      Mines a 90. Did you sell auto pilot. Where are you located I'd be interested if I could make top work. You can call me at 607-343-4681

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