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  1. Bought a 22 ft bow rider and hope to take the kids out 8-10 times on Lake Ontario and maybe the same in the upper Niagara or Lake Erie. Looking to spend $500 - $700 to get electronics that will be reasonably helpful but easy / intuitive to use. What features will be most important to me ? Grateful for any insight.
  2. Everything sold but gimbal mount rodholders - thanks
  3. I am sorry but it did not seem reasonable to ship as I had interest closeby. I should have answered you sooner but as a consolation I realized they were only 8 pounds. dan
  4. Big Jon manual downriggers with new clutch kit - $300 for pair downrigger weights with releases - 10# - $25/pair amish outfitter trolling bags - up to 22/24 ft boat - used twice - $100/ pair stainless steel 9 inch gimbal mount rodholders with Scotty big strike rod holders - used twice - $150/pair 716-583-3813
  5. Went out Thursday and got four in about 4 hours out deep. 2 kings / 2 steelhead between 8-12 lbs. Not great - not terrible.
  6. Looking to fish in derby / your boat or mine. Out of Wilson or Olcott easiest. Dan
  7. Thank you all for your input - it is appreciated. Hoping to give it a try in two weeks.
  8. Are fleas here through September now ?
  9. Are fleas here through September now ?
  10. Gator Thanks - that's pretty much what I want to do. How different will it be if I stick with braid ? Everything set up that way and not sure I can move to wire quickly.
  11. Thx and sorry. I was hoping to target mainly salmon on the deep lines and whatever happens on the higher ones ? For example : One deep six trying to obtain 75/90 ft depth with braid if fleas allow running flasher / fly One deep six on braid maybe 50 ft down running spoon. Thinking one would need to be out 200 ft to achieve depth and the other maybe 110? Dipseys in similar fashion with braid - hoping one f/f and one spoon. Again hoping braid if not crazy to clean. Likely line out on dipseys 125 - 225 ? Thx for taking the time to ask.
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