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  1. Bought a 22 ft bow rider and hope to take the kids out 8-10 times on Lake Ontario and maybe the same in the upper Niagara or Lake Erie. Looking to spend $500 - $700 to get electronics that will be reasonably helpful but easy / intuitive to use. What features will be most important to me ? Grateful for any insight.
  2. Everything sold but gimbal mount rodholders - thanks
  3. I am sorry but it did not seem reasonable to ship as I had interest closeby. I should have answered you sooner but as a consolation I realized they were only 8 pounds. dan
  4. Big Jon manual downriggers with new clutch kit - $300 for pair downrigger weights with releases - 10# - $25/pair amish outfitter trolling bags - up to 22/24 ft boat - used twice - $100/ pair stainless steel 9 inch gimbal mount rodholders with Scotty big strike rod holders - used twice - $150/pair 716-583-3813
  5. Went out Thursday and got four in about 4 hours out deep. 2 kings / 2 steelhead between 8-12 lbs. Not great - not terrible.
  6. Looking to fish in derby / your boat or mine. Out of Wilson or Olcott easiest. Dan
  7. Thank you all for your input - it is appreciated. Hoping to give it a try in two weeks.
  8. Are fleas here through September now ?
  9. Are fleas here through September now ?
  10. Gator Thanks - that's pretty much what I want to do. How different will it be if I stick with braid ? Everything set up that way and not sure I can move to wire quickly.
  11. Thx and sorry. I was hoping to target mainly salmon on the deep lines and whatever happens on the higher ones ? For example : One deep six trying to obtain 75/90 ft depth with braid if fleas allow running flasher / fly One deep six on braid maybe 50 ft down running spoon. Thinking one would need to be out 200 ft to achieve depth and the other maybe 110? Dipseys in similar fashion with braid - hoping one f/f and one spoon. Again hoping braid if not crazy to clean. Likely line out on dipseys 125 - 225 ? Thx for taking the time to ask.
  12. I recently purchased a 22 ft GW tournament and do not have the time to set up permanently right now but hoping to get out half a dozen times in August. 8ft beam. 2 dipseys or deep 6's straight back from 30 degree flush mount rod holders. 2 dipseys out the side off Scotty gimbal mount big game rod holders at a 2/3 setting. Do not want to put downriggers on yet as I am unsure of brand and configuration. Will this get me enough coverage and avoid tangled or will two straight back deep be trouble?
  13. I just received my trolling bags and was hoping someone could help me with line setups. The cleats are 67" apart The bags are 38" long ( 22 inch diameter ) The back cleat sits 27 " above the water The front cleat sits 30" above water It says the back of the bag should never run more than one foot below water level Trying to figure out rope lengths - do I want bag to sit evenly between two cleats or does that not matter? Should one ( front or back) have a fixed length and experiment with other to see where it goes ? Trying to figure out how far back the bag will run back at angle or when it fills will it somehow stay in place? Boat is Grady white 223 with Yamaha 200 4 stroke. Thanks for any feedback that will get me started in the right direction - hoping to get out fishing soon !
  14. So I went out and tried around the red can yesterday and had one rigger hit that we missed. The current was wild and made speed / direction tough for me in 19ft bow rider. Was it especially tough due to northeast wind or always swirling out there ?
  15. I have been fishing out of olcott 10-12 times each summer for the last couple of years and would like to try out of fort Niagara. When I read posts about fishing out there it seems to cover everything from drifting minnows or quick fish or jigs off three ways to normal lake trolling methods. I would be very grateful if anyone can give me a few potential pointers on startup out there. Should I be mainly fishing the areas in front of the fort that range from 15 -30 ft or heading out much further to find deeper water ? Troll towards 4 mile ? Is drifting difficult with the river current to find the right "drift" ? Sorry if these seem like crazy questions but this seems to be the best place to get honest answers to beginner questions. Thx for your time.
  16. Can't seem to get webcam pic -- is lake calming down ?
  17. Do you run spoons behind spin docs with same length leader ? Or longer ? Thx Great post and fish
  18. So I am admittedly a full fledged amateur at this game. I fish out of 19 ft bow rider with 2 riggers and 2 dipseys. No probe. Lowrance elite 4 hdi fish finder. Been out 10 or so times in last 6 or 8 weeks and generally getting 3 or 4 fish which is a pretty good day for me. Last Thursday I went out of olcott about 5 miles east, 5 miles west and between 100 - 300 fow. Not only did I get skunked but in over 4 hours only seen 2 pods of bait on screen and literally no fish. Here's the question. Seeing that the screen was dead should I have come in earlier and given up ? Should I have drove around until I found bait or fish on screen and then started ? With limited electronics , how do you decide where to start or does everyone just setup and work different directions until you find a decent screen or get some hits. Been running f/f and spoons and doing ok on both so I feel like my speeds and lure mix is at least adequate. Just trying to figure out how to use my time more efficiently by starting in the right conditions. Thanks for any wisdom.
  19. Went out yesterday late afternoon til dark. 4/5 all salmon between 6-15 lbs. 2 out deep 400 and three in about 300. Mainly dipseys at 250 on 3. I only have braid and fleas were unbearable. I have no temp or deep speed info. Thanks to everyone's answers on here --doing a little better.
  20. What do you catch them with ? Can they be caught this time of year ?
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