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  1. Do you have photos of the rod holders you sell for the Bert's or Traxtech tracks?
  2. I followed the Humminbird Rep's. instructions and reset the unit to factory defaults and upon dropping the boat back in the water I was back in business picking up fish out of the weeds and mud in 130 - 150 FOW. Don't know what caused it to act up the last trip out but I'm just glad the unit is functioning as good as before the issue. Thanks for all of your suggestions and responses.
  3. Thanks for all of the responses. I wasn't trying to turn this into a Humminbird vs. Lowrance, vs........etc. I was simply trying to see if anyone experienced the same or similar issue to mine and what they did to resolve it. I'm actually very happy the unit, or at least I was right up until I had this issue. I did contact Humminbird CS and they were very nice over the phone and seemed genuinely interested in helping. They recommended some of the same things mentioned in the posts here, ie; check the positioning of the transducer, check for any damage to the transducer and cable. They recommended that I reset the unit to the factory default and try it again, which I will do this weekend. Hopefully it will resolve and I can get the unit functioning as well as I know it's capable of.
  4. Thanks for you response. The transducer certainly could have been coming out of the water. It was very rough. If that were the problem however I would think that it should reset to the correct depth once it was back in the water, which it did not do. Airation is a possibility, the lake was stirred up really badly. As I'm a weekend warrior I'll have to wait a few days before I can drop it back in under more reasonable conditions to see if the problem resolves. In the meantime I'll have to check and see which software version it is running. I know I've never updated it since I purchased the boat the boat this spring. I've never had an issue with an incorrect depth reading as far as I know either shallow or deep so it is somewhat puzzling why it started all of the sudden.
  5. I purchased a used boat this spring with a humminbird 788ci. The unit worked flawlessly for over a dozen previous trips. Today we were out in some nasty 4 and 5 footers and suddenly while fishing in 130 FOW the unit started reading between 1 and 4 FOW. every once in a while it would correct itself and read the correct depth only to act up again shortly later. We pulled the boat and checked the transducer. It was tight in the mount, level and the cable looked fine. Any ideas? Can really rough seas effect the readout? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Check your email I sent my phone # to you.
  7. Just emailed you regarding your post.
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