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  1. my partner backed out for this weekends Chautaqua showdown!!! Anyone looking for a partner or have any space on their boat?? Ive got an ok boat if needed-been in the tourney since 2011- hate to miss it but... Respond here i'll be in touch Bill
  2. okay fellas my regular partner just informed me he cant go next weekend afterall anyone got an open seat on a boat or want to partner up for next weeks Chataqua Showdown??? been fishing the tournament since at least 2011 and know the lake pretty well-entered my share of fish too respond to this post-ill check back periodically thanks
  3. So-- Getting back on topic--Is the tournament set in stone for June 10?? A change in work schedule allows me to get back into the fun!!!
  4. Myself (Billsbest) and Mark M from chapter 69 are signed up and ready to go!!!
  5. UPDATE!!! partner found -- I'm charged and ready to go anyone else looking Capt larry has a thread on his website "mostly Muskies" Good luck to all and hope to see you there with big smiles and sore arms...
  6. Larry found that section on your website but added an email address to my post above so people could email me directly thanx for the help
  7. my normal partner backed out and am looking to partner up with someone have fished in about 4 of the derbys and vacation at chatauqua yearly consider myself a novice muskie chaser but am very experienced fishing the "Big O" my boat or yours-would prefer someone with some experience but will consider any responders Dont wait--answer soon email me at [email protected] thanks larry added contact info above
  8. Capt larry- was late getting back to chris and still need a partner-have you heard of anyone else looking? I have a post at the end of this thread too billsbest
  9. Muskie chasers-- looking for a partner for the Chatauqua tourney June 29-my normal partner backed out-would prefer someone with some experience as I am a "Novice" but will consider anyone who responds-have a boat or will join you in yours Capt. Larry- was late getting back to chris(you introduced me at last muskie inc Chap 69 mtg) he joined someone else-Have you heard of anyone else looking to partner up??
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