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  1. i don't want to be hard on any one person, but when i look at the things OMNR has and is doing, and a 1.5B cut in EPA funding, and how well michigan has done introducing atlantics, its frustrating.
  2. bump. i would like to have a better atlantic salmon population in lake ontario. what do you think we (anglers) can actually do to either get tribs cleaned up and restored and/ or get more atlantics stocked. i have been doing some research on this and it really seems like not enough is happening, or being done. looking for ideas here guys
  3. yeah those locks are a fun fight. the sinking rap, whats the model? countdown or?
  4. sampson is good, off the breakwall.seneca. also you can hit some fairly deep water at keuka lake state park of the launch dock
  5. mays point ill have to look at that, so can we have 3 lines now on all waters? genesse should be good any specific spots there?
  6. yeah they do taste good i'm so sick of bass fishing, only went once this year, so now all i'm focusing on is fishing for things ill eat, and new species that i dont really know how to fish for, seems like this will be a fun one. thank guys
  7. Very cool thanks I live 5 min from geneva so that's great [ Post made via Android ]
  8. are there any good finger lakes for channels?
  9. just bought a bass pro net its the coated mesh, seems pretty well made extends to 6 feet and has a 32" opening, on sale for 32.99 cant beat that in my book i wanted a all rubber one but for the price couldnt pass it up
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