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  1. Quicksilver SS prop: 15.75" diameter x 15 pitch, 3 blade Used less than 3 months. (sold boat, new owner didn't want SS) Replaced an aluminum, 17 pitch x 14.50" diameter on a PennYan 225 Outrage with a 4.3L Merc. "Dramatically" improved time to get on plane, remaining on plane at slower speeds, better throttle control throughout rpm range and slight increase in both mph and mpg. Paid $ 485, will sell for $ 250 plus shipping
  2. All 6 Rod Holders have been SOLD - pending payment.
  3. There's a few posts from others missing on this thread also. Not to worry Frenchman, probably just an internet hickup. I've gotten at least 4 pms for buying pairs. GR
  4. Hey guys, please bare with me for a few days. With this beautiful weather I'm going walleye fishing in my new to me boat (reason for selling holders), and then giving Thanks with family. If Frenchman buys the four, I will contact the first pms's for the remaining 2. GR
  5. Frenchman - I'm in Sandusky, Ohio. Let me know if you want 4 and I'll check shipping costs. Preferred payment - Paypal. I've gotten a few pm's about selling in pairs. I'm trying to sell the whole set. I"m saving all pms and if I don't find a buyer for the whole set , I will get back to you - in the order I received the pm. I'll also check the postage to mail em.
  6. http://www.traxstech.com/Individual_Rod_Holders.html Great condition: all 6 for $350.00 (does not include tracks) GR
  7. Jon, Personally, I didn't want to lift/drop the kicker 3-5 times a day. I installed the basic Panther bracket and added their 4' extension. Mercury 9.9 long shaft kicker with electric trim/electric start/tiller model. Mounted on PennYan Outrage 225 so cavitation plate was just below hull. When motor was raised it was well out of the water. I preferred the ControlKing throttle since it has a rotary dial vs the digital electronics on Trollmaster. (less reported problems) Very simple 15 minute install. 2+ yrs no problems. If budget allows - look into the Panther T4 remote steering. Best money I spent. I also got the remote fob for basically "hands free" steering. My Panther T4 was swapped from my prior boat - 6 yrs old and no problems. Good luck rigging your boat GR PS: it's off the topic but I just sold my Outrage 225. I now have a stainless steel prop for sale - 15pitch x 15.5" diameter DRAMATIC improvement in overall boat performance vs 17pitch 14.5 diameter original prop
  8. NEW LOWER/LOWEST PRICE FOR THIS BOAT : $ 16,500.00 I have not been aggressively advertising this boat until now, however I will begin to in the next few weeks. This boat is a 100% turn-key fish catching machine. 100% mechanical condition and always "professionally" maintained. The brand new stainless steel prop has exceeded performance expectations. You'll be hard pressed to find a better rigged boat in its class ! http://www.sanduskyfunspots.com/pennyan/ (you guys can disregard the advertised price on the web-site) If you're not interested in the 9.9 Bigfoot Pro kicker with Panther T-4 remote steering or the HDS-7, we can negotiate. The boat is currently docked in Vermilion, OH and ready to show. I could even be talked into hookin' ya up with some Lake Erie walleye.... for a serious buyer. GR
  9. I spent 2 years trying to research and learn which prop to get for my boat. Very confusing process. After talking to many, many prop resellers I decided to trust PropGods.com. They have an excellent reputation and asked me many questions before suggesting a prop. I am very, very pleased with the performance of my new prop because it accomplished my goals. They also have a return policy and will get you the best prop for your boat if you're not pleased with their original suggestion. Even a mechanically challenged person as myself was able to change the prop within 15 minutes.
  10. I run a PennYan 225, Outrage. Old prop was a 3 blade, 17 pitch, 14.5" diameter. 190hp Merc would "bog" down in mid rpm range and couldn't hold plane under 18mph. The great guys at PropGods suggested a stainless, 3 blade, 15 pitch, 15.75" diameter. Only raised my rpms by 200, but will now hold plane well at 14mph. Did also improve planing ability. Prior 2800rpms/22mph Current 3000rpms/22mph Very, very glad I spent the money and time to talk to ALOT of prop retailers.
  11. It was suggested to me to coat a piece of fiberglass mesh with 2 part epoxy glue and wrap the break. Might need a couple wraps, then paint. I'll be trying that soon.
  12. I'm a newbie and this site was recommended to me by a friend to advertise my boat for sale. I could tell immediately by the lack of response/questions that I was not one of the good ole' boys. I was told this would be a good site to advertise my Penn Yan 225. oh well I fish Erie/Western & Central basins only, and see no-where to post fishing reports. So I'll continue to lurk, and join in the This Old Boat forum when I have something to offer.
  13. Alpha 2 Outdrive, 4.3 Merc, 190 hp Original prop: aluminum 14.5"d - 19 p Problem: engine lag at 2800-3200rpm, hard to keep on plane w/ 4 adults and full tank New Prop: SS 15.5"d - 17p Quicker obtaining plane, major improvement in engine lag, holds plane much better Only a few trips so far, but noticed a slight increase in mpg.
  14. I've run Trax-techs for 5 yrs with heavy use as a charter Captain and can recommend them as a great mid-price, tube style holder. I run planer boards and dispseys. I have 4' tracks, and can run 4 rods per side. GR
  15. I had a Yamaha t-8 for 6 years and loved it. Always started right away and never gave me a problem. I've had a Merc Bigfoot 9.9 for 1 year and I hate it. It's been to the shop 2x and still ain't right. Fouls plugs in 6 hrs and blows alot of carbon out the exhaust. At first I just thought I had a lemon, but since I posted my experience and problem on the internet, I get regular e-mails with others having same symptoms. My next kicker will be another Yamaha.
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