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  1. Any details on where the fish are holding as far as what depth? Gonna head out tommorow morning and troll outside of port bay. Then maybe cast glo spoons at night.... Any info would be greatly appreciated..
  2. Hit Sodus pier yet again last night. Surprisingly saw a guy way out at the end hook two steelies that appeared to both come from lake side. However after that saw nothing come up at all. I was with my buddy and all together we threw straight silver, green and silver, and blue and silver right before dusk and after that we chucked a few different colors of glo cleos. I managed to hook up on something for all of 5 seconds before rolling off. No idea what it was. The last steelhead was caught around 8:30ish and up until 10:30 when I left not a single fish was hooked, despite the ruckus the fish were creating on both channel side and lake side. There seemed to be plenty of fish in the area but unfortunately no hookups. All I've done is night fishing and im probably going to hit the pier friday morning for a change. Anybody know how its been going on any of the piers early morning?
  3. Nice fish i was thinking about hitting charlotte tonight..
  4. I have been doing some night fishing by sodus pier lately and as of last night me and the 5 other people out on the peir got skunked last night. I heard some fish crashing around but nobody hooked up. The night before around 10:00 pm i managed to hook into a nice guesstimated 25 lb King, on a green glo 3/4 oz cleo. I'm assuming the warm day shut them down. Hopefully come tuesday and wednesdayw ith some rain they will pick back up. I know I'll be out there!
  5. Anybody have any info about the Salmon bite around sodus pier? I got ambitious last week and didnt even see or hear a fish come up. I read on some other posts they're by Irondequoit peir now so im assuming same for sodus. Any info?
  6. Man I love hearing when they come in close. Mean's its almost time to bust out the fyrod. I wont be hitting I-Bay but ill def be hitting sodus bay tommorow morn.
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