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  1. I previously put a post up looking for an old friend, I finally remembered I had posts all the way back to 2012 and found him so I edited out the query. We moved back south in 2013 and haven't posted in a long time. Tight lines to my northern neighbors PakJohn Lake Hartwell Georgia and Lake Chicamauga Tn
  2. I caught his nephew week before last... Awesome fish, nice going! Pakjohn
  3. Had a great time today, thanks a million Steve. Went over to Gander Mountain later to get some releases but they only had a couple, same as a week ago. Should have called first. Going to B&E in the morning on the bike to see what they have. PakJohn
  4. Welcome Nick, we're in similar situations. You'll find a lot of great information here, I have! PakJohn
  5. I'm forwarding this post to my wife!
  6. Great times, and he's lucky to have a Grandpa to take him fishing. My grandson was here over the weekend, he's only 11 months but will be a fisherman by the time he's 5!
  7. Can you tell what you were jigging with? I have flex it spoons and lead head jigs with 3" white grubs.
  8. Great information! I found all the references on the net with Google. Had no idea what to search for before. I posted a reply yesterday but it's not here, probably forgot to hit submit... Agreed this website is the top, I read it every single day and big thanks to all the posters that contribute. Still have a lot to learn about upstate but with this website and the outlets listed here it makes it a lot easier. PakJohn
  9. What is your favorite local outdoor magazine? I've looked around and found a couple that covered upstate but they were pretty generic. Also, are there any radio or tv outdoor shows for western NY hunting and fishing? Pakjohn
  10. Hi Derek, I was beginning to think I was the only southerner ever moved north. I used to play the back nine at the Gold Club in Augusta. My "in" went away in 1990, sure miss the front nine there. Timing sucks for me, you're selling exactly the kind of set up I'd like but I won't be ready till this winter or next spring as there's a small chance we may leave Rochester this fall, if not I'll buy over the winter or next spring. I'll call before the weekend, thanks for the note. PakJohn
  11. Tried to send you a PM, shoot me a number where I can call? I'll take them but would like a little more info first. Pakjohn
  12. Hi John! Thanks for the welcome and I'm really happy with the uni-trolls. They're a little big for my jon but they'll fit the next boat perfectly. I decided not to mount them on the bench as it's too low to be comfortable. I have a couple old aluminum pedestal seat mounts and have mounted them on top. They're up at chest level when I'm sitting and accessible to the driver or passenger. Looks a little odd to see down riggers on a flat bottom jon but it's temporary and I'm raring to get in the water. A pleasure meeting you, let me know if you want to go to one of the inland lakes one weekend? John
  13. I was there a couple days earlier and found the fish scattered. Caught a very decent brown at daylight on a cd-7 Rap flat line and several small mouth on trolled swim bait. Once the sun came up nothing would hit regardless of depth or bait.
  14. Just moved here from Georgia last fall and have caught gar on rope fly for the last 30 years, works every time. The only other advice I'd give would be to make a release board to clamp on the back of your boat if you plan to let them go. (And why wouldn't you, they're not the best eating.) The release board is just a 1 x 8 pine with a long v notch cut into it. You guide the gar into the notch and as he opens his mouth to gape the rope falls out pretty quickly. They don't attempt to bite but just flailing around in the boat can land you a nasty cut. Pakjohn
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