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  1. Fished Braddocks for a couple of hours. Wandered from 200 into 70. Ran spoons on riggers and meat on a dipsy. Switched to plugs when I got in close. Only a brown. Out deep cold water was up high. Really warm in shallow.
  2. Same. I am sure I am reiterating here but I have a good formula using WindfinderPlus and a lake camera or two when unsure. I focus first on waves 1 foot or less and a south(ish) blow. I do infrequently see low wave heights and higher winds. On those days I find that I need to be a bit strategic with my boat window so the boat is less of a sail. I have grown to be a bit smarter and consider whether I can properly clear lines and land a fish on marginal days. Sometimes yes and sometimes no way. I am a Tracker (Targa) guy too.
  3. Great fish all and agreed any tiny kernel of wisdom is appreciated. Good karma will make its way. back to you.
  4. Good work. I grew up in Urbana and share your love for the lake. So many stories of fishing…boozing…fishing and fishing!
  5. I am in Fairport and have always fished Braddocks. Not sure why, maybe I just got comfy with the launch. This summer I committed to “figuring” out Irondequoit. What I have definitely determined: Yes on browns and yes on lakers.
  6. Loaded the boat to fish Conesus this morning. Double checked the wind/wave forecast on Lake O and I liked the early window so I did a quick 4:30 am flip. Great screen a touch east of the bay. Ended 4 for 5 before the lake started rolling. Fished a narrow slice of water from 129-134 fow. Bite temperature was a bit higher than is typical (56 degrees) down 75-85 feet. First fish was on a glow spoon and others were on NBK and Dirty White Boy. For bigger fish I clear all my rods and balls as I am solo. It was a bit unnerving watching the reel wind down and down and down and then get slack for a bit. All is well that ends…
  7. I think I saw you start out west of the bay. I too may need to start loading my small game gear to keep busy.
  8. Confirmed the reports of blank screens. Ran a dipsy meat rig and two rigger rods. Spent an hour in 550 fow. Spent two hours in 175-200 fow. Did one king 65 down over 175 fow on a west troll north of the Webster pier. My sonar wouldn’t read cleanly below the thermocline. Not certain of the fluid dynamics here beyond middle school density but suspect I can overcome the issue in my Helix 8 settings.
  9. stopped to get ice on the way out this morning. since we don’t keep much of what we catch excitement levels kicked up a few notches. i think i had forgotten the joy of sharing a good catch with friends and family. started west with lights on. continued west zig zagging along a line from 80-110 fow. plenty of cool water with some “hot” gaps mixed in. marks were plentiful as was bait. fished glow spoons early (pic of my glow box included) and switched things up each time we ran over marks with no hits. turned back east after 2.5 hours and lengthened my leads a bit (using 11” flashers for the first time) and switched to small stingray style spoons. jack was on the rod lickety split and did a nice job with this 19 lber. bloodynose behind an 11” chartreuse flasher. nothing on my dipsy/meat stick.
  10. Great thoughts. Your assessment of a solo program is spot on. I have tinkered with cheaters and stackers and all told I just cannot manage it all! I am using Windfinder much more effectively this year so I am actually getting out there on days that are pretty inviting to three rods. Take care.
  11. Thanks much. Will share how I do!!
  12. Received my cache from Fat Nancy’s today! Joining the meat squad this month. I fish solo with two rigger rods and a dipsy. Thoughts to get me on track? Sounds like tuning can be challenge 1…
  13. Hmmm. I fished off Ibay last week vs Braddocks this week and the flea concentration was 100x worse off Ibay.
  14. 8 for 9 this morning. All fish at 52 degrees over 175 FOW. Steelhead x2 gobbled NBK and the kings chomped on Dirty White Boy. Biggest in the pic., rest were in the 8-12 pound range.
  15. Great thanks. I recently picked up a light and need to consider a practical way to get it on my spoons.
  16. Opinions on a DIY spoon glow box? Currently I just hit the spoon with a light in low light conditions and don’t do anything when the sun is shining.
  17. Super toasty out there. Fished 3-8 pm. Started 200-300 and then moved to 200. Landed in 185 to close the night. Marks were there and the bite picked up. 3 small kings on riggers NBK behind a spin doctor. 52 degree water down about 68 over 185 fow speed at ball 2.7.
  18. 2 for me around 200-300 FOW down 60. Both around 10#.
  19. Been about six years since adding the terminator set up to my downrigger (wire to ball connector). I don’t see signs of wear but feel it is time to replace them. Sound about right?
  20. Nice job. I did a pile of lakers but no kings. Water is set up nice though.
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