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  1. Vision quest, Observers seem to be a thing of the past for most tournaments. I get what your saying on the rest thanks for sharing. It may be a small point about the captains bet fee but I think it was one worth discussing. Yes it was voluntary and yes we did volunteer and buy in so the choice was ours. There is no fee on the other calcutta's in other tournaments so I will except that the whi is different and move on and we can see what next year brings. Good luck the rest of the season and see you at the niagra pro am!
  2. We are not talking about admin fees for the tournament itself. I agree totally on admin fees for the tournament. It takes a lot to run one a lot of time and man power. I only have a problem with the calcutta fee. I have never fished a tournament where a fee was taken out of that pot. The calcutta was a dock bet paid at the captains meeting just like every pro am you collected it and paid it back out minus your admin fee. Last year calcutta was paid through your site great lakes events or whatever it was and I could understand admin fee for that because it was ran through a website and excepted all forms of payment. I'm not trying to start something here just expressing that a calcutta should not have admin fees if its cash collected at a meeting. Its no different than you and I making a side bet. If it was disclosed or not I would still feel the same way. Still would fish the tournament but I don't agree with the way calcutta was handled. It was a great tournament and most likely keep fishing it. Thanks for putting it together just know there are a bunch of teams that weren't happy with the calcutta admin fee. Its just food for thought going into the next year!
  3. 150 views and 1 comment. Nobody has an opinion can't believe it.
  4. This is the kind of thing that kills tournaments. Great tournament and format but keep your hands out of the calcutta!
  5. The calcutta has always been a side bet between boats at tournaments 100% cash payout usually top 3 boats. Recently at an event 5% was taking off the calcutta for administrative fee. Not sure what they had to manage for a calcutta anybody could collect money and pay the top 3. I can understand admin fees for creating and managing a tournament but not the calcutta. I don't agree with the fee and I would like to see what others think. If the admin fee for the calcutta is the new way of doing things I suggest that we manage it ourselves as teams for free.
  6. I could ship the reels but not mast it would be to expensive. I might be up at bald eagle marina this weekend if you wanted to meet 45 mnute from wilson.
  7. 2 cannon planer board reels on homemade mast. 75.00 best offer. call 5852699416
  8. Could be water tube in down drive on muffs the water is under pressure and passes through in the water there is no pressure. Sometimes the tubes collapse and or get cracked.
  9. swivel bases,in line boards, rod holders I have the following items for sale. 1 set yeck inline planers 20.00 b/o 1 set yellow bird planers missing releases 20.00 b/o 1 set willie in line boards 20.00 b/o 2 bigjon swivel bases 80.00 b/o for both 2 sets 4 rod stainless rod holders 75.00 each b/o 2 cannon adapter plates 20.00 b/o Call or text Bill 5852699416
  10. Sounds good I will catch up with you! Im fishing with my brother next 3 days on u-betcha. Thanks
  11. Anyone going to be at oak orchard this weekend that can collect payment for the shootout? If so give me a call Bill Vogt 269-9416.
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