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    Also like deep sea fishing MX and big game hunting CO and AK.
  1. Thanks Bob, I actually already have something arranged for spring and summer is uncertain but I will be looking for a cast & blast on the Niagara around Christmas time. Oldsquaws & Steelhead Dan
  2. Great variety! I have been considering a duck hunting trip to NW NY for a number of years now since I saw all the oldsquaws on a winter fishing trip. Next year for sure.
  3. I'm not a big bass guy but I did take a charter once. Drop shots with shiners in early May nearshore Lake Erie in NE Ohio. Even a caveman can do that. Limit of 5 weighed over 21 lbs. and they tasted great. Best tasting fish I ever had from Lake Erie. Had the biggest one mounted - 5 lbs.
  4. Yeah, we all had "Jaws" syndrome, then the shark lovers convinced us they were harmless, cuddly fish. Then when you have a real encounter...... I hooked up with a Mako in Mexico and it jumped a good 4 feet out of the water and did a full gainer twist to go face first into the water. This happened not 10 feet from the boat. The 2 Mexican mates were running around the boat, yelling in Spanish and looking for their baseball bats. It seemed like I was going to boat it still green but it was foul hooked in the back and broke the line. Talk about scary!
  5. That sure looks like what they call "Vermillion Rockfish" on the west coast Great Story - I have talked to a cod charter captain at sport shows and have seen his pictures; very tempting!
  6. Name: Location: Home Port: Boat Name/Type: I fish for: ================== I don't have a boat anymore. Mostly, I expect to take charters on the Niagara River and Bar. It has been a number of years since I have been up there but would like to pick up where I left off.
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