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  1. 5mph restriction is within 1000 feet of the shoreline. Technically boats are allowed to rip down the middle of the bay since it is outside restriction. We were boarded by the Coast Guard a few weeks back that made a point to tell me we were welcome to still go tubing with the kids down the middle of the bay since it is still legal to do so. That being said, we have seen a lot of boats that appear to be much closer to shore at full tilt.
  2. Hi guys! I am getting the itch to chase some browns out of Bear Creek but know the docks don't get put in until late. Last I checked there aren't even tires tied to the wall to keep your boat from being smashed up. Has anyone got out yet this year who can let me know how bad it is?
  3. 1997 Starcraft Fisherman 19.5ft 1997 Starcraft Fisherman Mercury 115hp 2 Stroke, no issues Lowrance Fish Finder Trailer still in great shape Boat is ready to go trolling on Lake O. Perfect size boat for the lake. $9000 boat, motor, and trailer. $9500 will get you an X4, 2 cannon manual downriggers, 2 heavy duty dipsey rod holders, and whatever else I have laying around. This boat has been awesome for us, and it kills me to sell it.
  4. Not a great idea. Probably some browns to be caught, but a lot of ice coming down the Genny and not worth it. You won't last long in water this cold buddy.
  5. I would but you always ask to touch me inappropriately, and quite frankly it makes me uncomfortable.
  6. Anyone have suggestions as to what might be up? Changed speeds between 2.6-3.4, changed spoons, etc. Still nothing
  7. We fished last night from about 5:30-8:00PM between 100-160fow and didn't move a rod. Spoons and ff off the riggers, and spoons off the dipsys. Beautiful night on the lake except for the lack of fish. 4 kids on board 7 years old to 12, so the lack of action was somewhat problematic . Marked good hooks and bait but no takers.
  8. Any recommendations for someone to replace some flooring and interior of my boat this winter? Been putting it off and probably needs some attention in some soft spots on the floor.
  9. Has anyone had any trouble with their FishHawk X4 diplay unit shutting down? I have tried a hard reset, but when I power it on it runs for about a minute, picks up the probe, looks like it is giving us an accurate reading then powers off. Any ideas?
  10. Congratulations! You caught a few more than we did (5/8), with about half as much equipment. L to hear these stories, as I contemplate spending more money on equipment with the new season arriving. It's the wizard not the wand.
  11. Still available? If so, Im interested. jay 585-236-6147
  12. This is the reason I do not have any interest in joining the masses. Fishing is supposed to have some resemblance of relaxation. I have enough stress in other areas of life so choose not to partake. I stopped waterfowl hunting because it became too stressful to continue to set the clock 30 minutes earlier to try and beat other guys to the fields. People need to just chill the F out.
  13. I was almost killed years ago under this very same scenario in a small boat out on Lake Ontario. It has been my experience that if you feel that "breeze' start to kick, particularly if changes direction on you and you are already outside of your comfort zone for your size boat, it's time to pull the rods. Glad things didn't turn out worse.
  14. I have gotten the manual, however it is not the most useful. The manual that I downloaded using the link from above, actually is just a "scanned in" version. These are not the most legible due to shadows and the inability to enlarge the photos. It also does not lay out the steps in the process of diasassembly and reassembly. Somene mentioned that the cowl may be able to be removed to allow access to that lower carb. I think I am going to try this and see where it gets me.
  15. I thought this may be a great place to start my request for assistance. I am the proud owner of a 1997 mercury 115HP outboard. This is my link to keeping me sane by allowing me time fishing on the big lake O. I developed a fuel leak in the split line which runs underneath the attenuator plate on the motor. Not a big deal right? I acquired the right piece of fuel line, and began to replace it myself. My "buddy" up the street has said he would help me, but 2 nights in a row no call no show so I decided I need to proceed on my own. I am enough of a mechanic to do most things myself but I am in relatively new territory since outboards are not my area of expertise. Anyway, I removed the attenuator plate and replaced the line without issue, but now I cannot figure out how to put it back together. The lower carb is angled in such a way that there must be a certain way to reattach that I am not aware of. (Does the oil tank need to be removed also?) the hell if I know, since I have no repair manual and flying blind. I am desperate to get this re-assembled to fish this weekend. Is anyone out there willing to give me some tips on how to do this? Or have an electronic version of a repair manual they could send me? I'm desperate and alone. Man that sounded desperate.................that is because I really am at this point! Please help or at the very least offer me your condolences. I know if I bring it to the shop my season is over, because they are all so booked up this time of year.
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