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  1. WOW. How about a picture here so I don't have to look through 88 pages to see it.
  2. Long time reader and never post but I think after reading 87 pages of this that I will comment. If I went by my normal signs and methods for hunting, I would say yes, with the drought we had this year something has happened and the deer population is way down. All my fellow hunters saying the same thing. BUT changing my hunting method I absolutely disagree. I used to sit in watch over a food plot and would be able to fill the freezer every year. It was warm and comfy in my blind. With the drought this year, the food plot didn't fair well and the sit and watch didn't do me any good. My game cameras showed a few deer but they wouldn't come out where I could see them and it was the same few deer over and over. A couple does and a couple trash rack small bucks. I decided to change things and moved back into the woods a short ways and instantly started seeing deer. I also noticed the does were coming right up to my cameras (located off to the side of trails) and giving me nose and ear pictures which meant they weren't as hidden or secretive as I had thought when I put them out. If the does were finding them then surely the big bucks know they are there and that would be why I wasn't getting many pictures of them. When I did, it was just once and never again. I then started checking after dark on those snow covered nights with the moon bright and to my surprise it was not unusual to see 15 to 20 deer in what little food was left in the plot - night after night. They had gone nocturnal (entering the field anyway) and avoided my cameras quite well. When I sat on stand back into the woods I was seeing deer staging to enter the food plot. Talking to a local butcher shop, the guy there said he had 400 deer in the first three days of season and had to turn them away after that not having enough freezer space. He is located in 8R but of course takes deer from all over. So, I believe they are still there but their patterns have changed this year. Maybe just in my little area (8W) but that's what I have seen. My season ended with the freezer full once again after I moved back into the woods a bit. Just my thoughts on it for what it's worth. Maybe others have seen similar this year.
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