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  1. They are all Diawa,s. 1-SG47LCA 2-Great Lakes 47LC 2-27 sealine.What are u looking for?
  2. Net is new made in USA Cummings hoop 26"x30" end of handle to end hoop is 7' it extends to 81/2' & then to10'
  3. Rods 1-Shimano Tritton 8' 2-Shimano TDR 7' M 2-Daiwa 81/2' Regal strike ML 1-Daiwa Jupiter81/2
  4. top reel is SG47LCA 2 are Sealine 47lc one count sticks sometimes 2 are Sealine 27
  5. 190.00 for the reels 6 rods70.00 both reels & rods 250.00 Net is new cost me 100 with tax also extens looking for 75.00 2-10lb weights with releases 35.00 Happy troller 50.00 3-slide divers 2 are lite 45.00 flasher caddy 15.00 Items can be picked up in Lafayette NY just south of syracue these items were in another post as a group now selling seperate.
  6. Bought a new one a at bass pro but they changed them.Haven't tried it yet.I was just looking for 1 or 2 older ones to match what I have now.
  7. I don't know why they have to always change a good product.
  8. Would like to buy 1 0r 2 Ugly stick BWD 1101 7' m rods
  9. Going to give it a week if it doesn't sell as a package then I will separate.
  10. 3 Daiwa sealine47lc 1-40.00 1-counter sticks some times 30.00 1-SG47LSA 50.00 2-Daiwasealine 27H 30.00 each 2-Compass 1- light 20.00 1-smaller 10.00 1- Happy troller 50.00 Walker weight retrieval 20.00 2- Walker stacker releases 15.00 Walker add a release 10.00 Walker stacker releases 15.00 Amish flasher caddy holds 14 flashers 15.00 3-slide divers 2 light bite 15.00 each Steering cable lube fitting 10.00 3- dodgers 2 flasher 15.00 6 DW rods 3 Daiwa 1- 81/2' M regal strike 1- 8' M 1-ML Jupiter 3- Shimano 1-Triton8' 2-tdr7'MF 10.00 each Would like to sell as a package 370.00 takes it all. May separate it later.
  11. Thanks I have 7' M for my riggers & like them a lot. I had to replace one this year I see they change them hope it works as well.
  12. John I am sorry I still have the track.I read your message to fast thought u were asking about Mast.I have it if your still interested.
  13. until

    What time do doors open?
  14. Big Jon planner board mast 160.00 2 older Cannon mag 10s with mounting plates only 1 is working both have 3 rod holders 225.00 Berts 12" track new 35.00
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