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  1. I'm trying to get 3-4 family members to agree on a weekday in July for a 1/2 day charter out of Sodus, but have never booked one before. How much time do we have to figure out our schedules? Do charters fill up pretty fast, and is it already too late??
  2. It has always been stored under a cover during the season, and I had a homemade "roof" built out of plywood that rested on the gunwales that I would drape two heavy duty tarps across and bungee them down, for the winter. This worked for the previous owner, he's the one who showed me how to do that....
  3. Yup, 2-stroke. Never had any issues with it, and all I've done was change the gear oil every season, way overkill given how little I used it.
  4. Kind of a difficult decision, but decided to sell the boat I bought only 4 years ago. Life's gotten busy and my dad's getting older and not comfortable tackling the big lake anymore. We've taken it out probably fewer than 20 times in the time we owned it. There's nothing wrong with it, handles great in mild Ontario chop, and performs fantastically on the finger lakes. It was used as a charter on Canandaigua years ago, and then used for bass fishing in Sodus by the previous owner. Here's what I have... 1987 Starcraft Holiday (?), closed bow, original paint, has had 3 owners (including me) - Deck rebuilt by previous owner sometime in the last 10 years - Original teak gunwales, newer carpet. - am/fm/cd player installed with speakers - shortwave radio and antenna - bilge pump - bimini top with windshield connections 1987 Shoreland'r trailer in great shape - taken apart, de-rusted and repainted piece by piece 3 summers ago 2006 (installed as brand new in 2008) Mercury 90hp 2-stroke outboard motor - previous owner showed receipt for ~$5500 Humminbird 385ci fish finder (2013) Bert's aluminum ratcheting rod holders and tracks installed on each side (2013). 2 big jon old electric downriggers - not sure what year (1960s maybe?) - they work with lighter weights. With heavier, one of them tends to overheat and trips periodically on retrieval A bunch of downrigger weights of different size Boat is currently winterized at my parents' house. They live in Fairport, close to the Erie canal, so it's a 5 minute trip to drop it in the water and take for a test ride, but I would need a couple hours to open it up first, which I will probably do in the next couple weeks, depending on weather and interest. It's the only picture I have right now, but I can take more once the boat is opened up.
  5. Did this. Today. Looks 1000x better. Thanks for the advice y'all.
  6. Opened both of them up a couple nights ago... Found the manufacture date of 1987. From the looks of them it seemed like it was the first time in 26 years that someone gave them a good once-over. On one, one of the magnets that was surrounding the main motor body had unglued from the housing and stuck itself to the motor... Cleaned it up and epoxied the magnet back into place, cleaned the brushes and pumped a ton of Super Lube into the gear housing. Went out yesterday and not a single breaker trip, retrieving a 10lb ball. Did similar cleaning on the other one and definitely made a huge improvement. Retrieving an 8lb ball about 70 feet, it tripped only twice. Much better already but I might add some more grease to it or something - it has a squealing sound coming from somewhere - maybe I just need to re-spool the wire. Both appeared to be almost bone dry inside the gear housing. Yikes. Still having a problem with accuracy. Lowering a ball to the counter's 70 feet hit the bottom in 100FOW. Hmmm...
  7. I spoke to the town office and was told the rules for the one time launch permits... Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 2pm there is an attendant, who will take your $5. If you launch before 8am and come back before 2pm, you can pay him then. During the week, you must obtain a permit from the town clerk. Otherwise you risk getting a ticket. The permit will be date stamped and you can buy multiple one-time-use permits for different dates. If you end up not using the permit on a date you thought you would, the town will issue you a replacement permit for a different date (but they won't refund your money). I have verified so far that when the guy is there on the weekend, he is very polite and offers multiple times to help you launch your boat. He takes down your information and $5 and gives you a slip to put on the dashboard of your truck. I've also launched before 8am and come back when the guy was already gone, and I did not have a ticket. I parked at the waste plant, as it states in the rules. One guy who parked right across the street had a ticket. Hope this helps someone. Now, a Bear Creek related question - this time of year, does it make more sense to launch out of Sodus or I-Bay more, due to the numbers of kings staging there versus the small Bear Creek? Thoughts?
  8. The girl who met me at the launch once asked me if she could measure, weigh, and then chop off the snout of the laker she identified as a hatchery fish. He looked weird without the snout afterwards...oh well. But, the girl was very nice and polite. I saw her and instinctively reached for my wallet to get my license out, she said "oh, I don't need to see your license. Just had a few questions"
  9. Do you have the model #? I am looking for a kicker but not certain of how to link it to my main outboard...
  10. Yeah I know I know... I just try to do 99% of all "fixing stuff" by myself. We'll see how far I can take it. Maybe I'll just suck it up for now and deal with it in the long winter months...
  11. Couldn't I just buy some lightly used electric DRs for the same money as buying new motors? The BigJon guy on the phone today quoted $150 for a new motor. I am going to play with them and see if there's anything I can do. I'm going to see if I can find a servo motor repair shop in Rochester - anyone know of any?
  12. Big Jon support told me to send it in to get checked out. No amount of trying to squeeze out any troubleshooting tips worked. Oh well. Onto plan steps 2 and 3.
  13. I'm all about the systematic approach. I'll definitely check and re-check everything I can and know how. Glad to have people to bounce ideas off of!!
  14. Matt! The DRs came with the boat and I know that the owner before the last one used the boat to charter on Cdga lake - so I presume he wouldn't have gotten far with DRs that tripped the circuit if he were a captain. So, that leads me to also lean away from thinking the boat circuitry is bad...
  15. I'll have to weigh them to be sure, but I think they are 8lbs. By the amount of blowback I get they're definitely not "heavy enough." I'll give Big Jon a call later.
  16. Since the forum doesn't like people searching for 3 letter words (go figure), maybe this topic has been covered but I wouldn't know. The following search terms are not allowed and were removed from your query: big,jon Anyways, I got 2 electric Big Jon downriggers that came with the boat last year. I only now started using them pretty heavily, and unfortunately both of them when retrieving the balls, overheat and pop the breaker that's on them. It's pretty annoying to say the least, when it takes 5 minutes of waiting for the motor to cool off, and resetting the breaker every 5 or 10 feet of retrieve, to get your balls back up in the air, before you can redeploy them. And I am afraid the issue will get worse. Does anyone have experience with this particular problem? I did see someone say in Google search results that they replaced the main line going to the Big Jons to a heavier gauge, but that doesn't make sense to me, since it's not that some "main" breaker trips, but it's the one on the DR itself, which indicates that it's simply struggling to bring the balls up, draws too much current and trips the breaker. My plan of attack right now is 1) call Big Jon and see what help, if any, they can offer in terms of troubleshooting 2) taking them apart and greasing anything that moves 3) replacing brushes on the motors (Google search results helped with finding similar fitting new brushes) 4) ? Btw, I just saw this sucker (mine look exactly like this one) on Craigslist for $350, I know mine is old but I heard they're indestructible. http://buffalo.craigslist.org/spo/4003594129.html Thanks for your help
  17. Definitely see them going down when stopped Just not when going... I got a 385ci with 200/83khz. I think my sensitivity is up all the way though but I'm not positive, I will check for sure. Are you saying I can't be getting as much blowback as I think I am? Not sure how else to explain not seeing them. I keep my GPS speed usually between 2.2-2.9. And yeah - I have not seen a screen like that yesterday or today. I have seen screens like that on Keuka, though, and I have definitely marked fish hugging the bottom in 100 FOW, but what would you say is the chance of me seeing that screen "randomly" driving around? Was this like an average screen or one where you finally found the spot?
  18. Negative. I am using some inherited electric Big Jon's and weights, both that came with the boat and get quite a bit of blowback unfortunately, as I think they're 8 or 10lbs, which leaves me between guessing, eyeballing the cable angle and using trig to guesstimate the actual depth, or hitting the bottom and raising the balls, to get an idea how deep they're running. Also had a mag dipsy out about 250 and a regular out 350' both on a 3 setting Sent from my HTCONE using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  19. Spent 12 hours between yesterday and today fishing and could not find fish, out of Bear Creek. We ended up with a 14.2lb laker the first day and a couple smaller lakers today, but obviously that served to make us feel only slightly less upset about not getting into any kings. It's ok, still learning, I guess. Anyways, both days our screen was empty I'd say 95% of the time, except for maybe when we hit 100'-90' FOW and were definitely marking some fish hugging the bottom, bait balls, etc, etc. Seeing and hearing people on the radio say "great screen," or "marking them," or whatever else - how do people get to those "spots," so to speak? We were brave enough to go hit about 400FOW today, and spent about half an hour going in increments of 20-30 feet of depth, slowing down to look for a minute, and going somewhere else to do the same, in search mode, before we gave up, set our lines down out around 390FOW and trolled in south east direction towards the shore... Right now I'd be glad to be at the point where I see fish but fail to catch them, so that I can think about other things like lure, presentation, and technique... But without even seeing them, that's tough. Thoughts?
  20. Alright, Ontario newb here. On a somewhat related topic, (sorry for the slight hijack), do you guys usually look for a pack of boats to join when you go out fishing? If you find yourself alone out there, is that a pretty good signal to pick up your stuff and go find where the other boats are?
  21. After getting skunked first time out of Bear Creek, decided to pack up a few yards away from the launch, not seeing on my FF *just* how shallow it was there. Ran into the giant boulders with my prop at idle speed and immediately killed the motor and trimmed it up. No visible damage. On second look, after getting the boat out, I could see a small bend in the prop. I read you can cause damage to the lower unit with a bent prop but not sure whether this bend is much to worry about or not. Can anyone help assess the situation
  22. Haven't gone out in 3 weeks... How is it for trolling? Weeds, fleas? Anyone been recently?
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