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  1. Never said we didn't have luck! We slammed them!... just no walleyes
  2. I was on otisco yesterday as well, saw you on the west side, we were on the 19 ft bluefin more in the middle of the lake. Lots of fish, tons of bait, no walleye, all spoons for us
  3. What color spoons for the browns? How many did you catch?
  4. What size swivels do you guys use on the terminal end when attaching to a spoon, when fishing steelhead or kings? Does the larger size of the heavier swivels have a negative impact even if you're down 60+ feet? I know we use small ones for browns, and large ones with F/F, but I'm wondering what size for spoons on the rigger rods. Thanks in advance
  5. Thanks guys I appreciate the feedback
  6. Ok, this is my first year running inline boards (lead,copper,and mono) I'm just wondering how you guys detect a subtle(or any) strike with them. I'm using church walleye boards, I know one company that makes them with a small flag that pops with a strike, but with these church boards how do you detect a strike? Thanks guys...
  7. How bad does wind affect the chop on cayuga? With 15mph wind what kind of waves should i expect?
  8. Thanks guys, I'll probably be heading out on Cayuga this weekend since the big lake looks like its gonna be a bit rough.
  9. For targeting lakers this time of year, how do you guys do it? Do you fish them suspended or are they on the bottom? Mostly F/F? Cowbells? Thanks..
  10. How do you rig the spin n glows with cowbells for lakers? I've never fished for lakers and would like to be able to add this to the arsenal.. I've heard it's effective. Thanks in advance
  11. Say you're fishing a simple 6 rod spread, 2 riggers, 2 wires, 2 inline boards. (first time using boards this year)... if you get a fish on the board, how do you keep it from getting tangled in the wire, and once you get it in, how do you re-deploy the board as to not get tangled with the wire. Thanks in advance.
  12. What inline planer boards do you all recommend for flatlining browns, and pulling leadcore or copper when the weather warms up? The Church TX-44 advertises it can pull up to 10 colors or copper, but I think it might be a bit too cumbersome for light tackle? Any input is appreciated. Thanks.
  13. Hey all, What are your opinions on light action rods for browns and the finger lakes in general? Thanks in advance -Paul
  14. For $35 it seems like it wouldnt be quite the rod the blue diamond is?
  15. Does anyone use these? Those of you who do use them, what do you think?
  16. Just wondering what you guys use for down speed and temp? In the market for a new one before the lake season is on for the year. Thanks
  17. Ya we had a blast. We're hoping it stays hot for one more weekend [ Post made via iPhone ]
  18. mountain dew crush glow was by far the best taking 8 of the 12, followed by green dot, and NBK flasher took a hit or two
  19. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name: ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s): 9-2 Time on Water:730-230 Weather/Temp: sunny Wind Speed/Direction: Waves: flat Surface Temp: 74.8 Location: oswego LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 18 Total Boated: 12 Species Breakdown: kings Hot Lure: hammer Trolling Speed: 2.7 Down Speed: Boat Depth: 110-125 Lure Depth: 100 ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== 3 of us hit the water at 730, headed out and west to 110 feet and set up a 4 rod spread. 2 rigger 2 dipsy. around 8 had a hit on the 335 dipsey, swing and a miss. reset the dipsy and it got slammed on its way out around 285. 14 pounder, dropped the rigger down, two more a 21 and 24. headed in to grab my mom at the dock at 9 and had our lines back out by 930. nonstop from there on out every 25 minutes, and had our 4 man limit by 2. rigger took 8 of the fish, dipsys took 4. best day for us yet. half of the fish are on the smoker as i write this... tight lines
  20. Scotty.. Only way to go [ Post made via iPhone ]
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