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  1. I was there last weekend. It’s not that bad. The main dock closest to the bathrooms is totally dry. Just be careful walking around the water, as the slime is slick
  2. Is it still possible to slip there? I’ll be up for a few days starting the 4th and thought I was SOL but I see boats slipped in the pics. It sure would be nice to not have to pull the boat in and out every day.
  3. No problem. Also I forgot to mention that the fleas were about as bad as I’ve ever seen. Make sure you keep checking your lines. We lost a 20+ because of flea build up.
  4. Was there from the 30th-3rd. We caught fish everyday but really couldn’t figure out a program. Our best water was from 100’-130’ Just east out of port. Meat down down deep caught all of our mature fish. Spoons definitely caught more fish though. Sick sick waddler being the mvp. Set lines anywhere from 45’ down to 90. Had 50 degrees around 70-75. We did pretty well with the 10 color with a gold 42nd spoon. Caught a few steelhead and a brown on that set up. Hope this helps a little. Matt
  5. Well our trip is over and we ended up doing pretty well. The whole bay is completely loaded with fish, but they are in that lock jaw phase. We were able to do a few kings everyday but Saturday we ended up Boating 11. Biggest fish of the trip being 26lbs. Our best water was from 140-165. Water temp was Hot. 74 degrees down 110. By the end of Saturday though we started finding temps in the 50s down 110 over 165 and that's where we weant to work. MVP was the 500 copper with chrome killer spinny and uv pro am fly with the runner up surprisingly being the 400 copper with a silver bullet J plug. Some of the screens out there were just insane. Fish and bait in the entire water column. I haven't ever seen that many fish in one place ever. Though don't be afraid to fish the water without marks. We caught most our fish with blank screens. Good luck to you guys fishing this week. I hope the weather will be as nice as it was for us.
  6. Looks like the lake will be greetings with. 6-9 footers. Yay... Let's hope she lays down quick and the water stabilizes.
  7. Thanks Firecheif. Shallow was basically going to be my game plan to start. If there's no fish there, we will take the long ride to deep water and try and find something.
  8. I will be heading up the 18th-21st fishing out of Sandy pond. From what I am hearing, it's going to be another tuff year. If I get anything figured out I will surely let you know. Let's hope this rain gets the rivers running a bit and these fish start coming home.
  9. Awesome John. I really appreciate it. PM sent. Thanks.
  10. Hey John, I talked to Bud a couple of weeks ago and he was goin to get me some more pictures of the boat. I haven't heard from him since though. Everything going ok with him?
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