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  1. Be careful kevin, although the pattern may hold tight at ranges in excess of 50 yards, the pellets are still lead 6's, and do not have the energy to consistently kill at that range. It doesnt matter how many pellets are on target if they lack the penetration energy to kill the bird. The marketing of these shells is going to lead to a lot of long, stupid shots taken and birds wounded this season. Sad How many people are going to be trying birds at 60 or 70 yards because the box of shells says they are effective to there. These birds deserve more respect than that. Call em up within 40 or let them walk, as you really havent beaten them at the game if you cant get them closer then that. Oh, and nautitroller, your statements about hevi shot being less lethal than lead are completely, 100 % incorrect. Whoever told you that was feeding you a line of ****. Blows my mind that you truly believe that. Simple physics my man.
  2. Damn that is a slob laker! And I love the shirt the guy on the right is wearing
  3. Lee, you make some great points, but unfortunately you are wasting your time. Somebody as ignorant as indian (and a few others) will never change his mind, and chooses to ignore the facts and base his arguments on unsupported opinions. [ Post made via Android ]
  4. I do question why any controversial posts are deleted, even if no one crosses the line. Take the Thread a couple weeks back about the finders keepers team ( experts and pros of Rochester). No one made any personal attacks, everyone kept it civil. Yet it was still deleted because an argument may upset someones delicate sensibilities. We are all adults here, capable of a good discussion. My opinion- Let the members talk, debate, discuss unless someone crosses the line with personal attacks or the like. We do not need moderators looking over our shoulders monitoring every single thing and deleting anything that could cause some conflict.
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