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  1. I too have seen dipsy rigged backward. More than once I've seen people set the dipsey on 3R but not realize the "R" is not as you're looking off the stern, amazing how far a dipsey set wrong can run across the back of the boat and grab everything in its way. I failed to tell one guy that when you release the fish you don't through the boga grip back with it, it's not a parting gift. Trying to cheat two spin doctors and flies on the same rigger....not a great idea. When tilting the kicker motor up so we can run back to port on the main, its best to take it out of gear and shut it off first lol. I had a rookie on one day and he was insistent he would kill a lamprey and throw it overboard while I reset the rod. Six days later our garage stunk so bad you could hardly stand it. For the life of me I couldn't figure out where the smell was coming from, then I found it. A six day old lamprey in the splash well has quite an odor. I thought my wife was gonna make me sell the boat...and tear down the garage. Lost a kings ransome in gear but had a lot of fun.....glad those days are over and we NEVER do anything stupid anymore...lol.
  2. Fished Olcott today from 6:30 to 12:30. Ended up with 12, 10 kings and two steelhead. We lost one other king at back of boat. We fished 200 to 300 fow but our best fishing was between 200 and 250. Ran up about half way between red barn and Wilson and trolled east almost to the plant. Best fish was 22.5 lbs, a couple mid teens and a few more 10 pounds or so. Here is what caught: Our spoon rigger down 70' with an NBK and then a mixed veggie caught a couple dinks. 300 Copper with a Mountain Dew spin doctor and matching A-Tom-Mik fly caught two 6 lb steelies. Same rig caught a 10 pound king when we switched it to meat. White on white spin doctor with a 42nd fly behind a dipsey set on 1 back 150 caught a low teens king. White green dot spinny and a pro-am fly on a dipsey set at 3 back 160' caught all the other fish. That was our best rig for sure. Fished with my brother and two of my boys, kids had a blast, great day out with family. Here are a few pics. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. It's sold. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  4. Okuma 8'6" Classic Pro Copper/Leadcore rod with an Okuma Convector CV 55 L reel spooled with backing and copper. I bought this combo brand new so I don't know how much backing is on it but reel is full. It still has the tags on it, never been fished. I bought two, only want one so the other needs to go. $125 and buyer pays shipping if it needs to be shipped. I am located in Niagara County. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. Yes we marked a lot of both all through the water column. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  6. Nice job Finders Keepers, we also fished that water for a while. We ended both Friday and Saturday with two decent fish and a smaller one. We just needed that third good fish to give us a good box. We had a hard time keeping them buttoned up on Sunday, lost two really good kings. Fun tourney even though the weather did not cooperate. By the way I was the guy you threw your ropes to on Sat morning at the Fort during the blow off.
  7. As of Sunday afternoon Wilson (Tuscorora) launch was still closed and there was a barricade across road. Olcott was open for launching.
  8. That is super cool, memory that will last forever. Congrats to them all.
  9. I have pulled jets with my inline boards (TX22) but almost strictly use leadcore now. Like Landshark said you can always use snap weights. I personally like to run 5 or 6 color with a few ounces of weight up about 75' on the backing if I need more depth. That's not to say I don't run 10 colors on Erie in the summer. I modified my boards with an OR16 on the back and a SAM's Pro Release instead of the pinch pad release they come with. Love them this way, I will never go back.
  10. Does it have to be a 203? I have an almost brand new 303 that I can part with.
  11. Thanks for the live report Killians, I couldn't get out this morning but got a few hours in this afternoon. Went 12 for 16 in about 3 and 1/2 hours. Carbon 14 was absolutely on fire. We fished 200' to 350' and caught all our fish in the top 50' fow. We got 3 steelhead and 9 kings, nothing huge but did lose a screamer after it peeled off 500' of line (and the drag was not set loose) that must have been a good fish, oh well. Everbody I talked to at launch seemed to do about the same.
  12. I have an RS King net that's brand new, it was given to me by someone and it's just a little to big for my boat. It's been used once and that is how I know it is too big. The hoop is octagon and measures 30" across, it is rubber with a straight handle that is 50" long. The handle is removable. From what I could find on their website it costs $189 new. I will sell it for $130 or trade it for a used but in good shape Tekota 600 LC or bigger. I will consider other reels also, just want something that I can put 10 color on or lc for another wire diver reel.
  13. King Slammin nailed it, I run 10 colors off the TX22 with absolutely no problem. My favorite leadcore setup on Erie is a 5 color then a few ounces of snap weights about 25' in front of the core on the backer. I usually run 4 ounces and it works awesome. I don't have to run all the long cores when fish are deep. Today I fished the bar and ran a 5 color on a modified tx22 board. Check out Anglers Avenue setup for the small boards. Basically it is a small OR pinch release on the backer instead of the pin and a different style release. It worked great, when a fish is on it or I want to bring it in its just a snap of the rod to pop release and the pinch pad holds the board on the line. The board flips around backwards and you don't have to fight the board, it just drags in and you pop it off when it gets to the boat. Can't wait to try this on Erie.
  14. Sorry Steeleman I must not have heard you. We had a couple busy times there around 9:00. We fished 220' to 320' east of microwave and down to the plant. We got 10 bites before noon and ended up 6 for 10. Mostly 5 to 8 pound kings but did get a coho and a laker. Wire dipsey's back 200 to 230 were good for us with spindoctor and flies. An NBK down 75' over 260 took a huge king and we had visions of heading for the LOC scales but he snapped us off just about the time I was scooping him up with the net. I won't say he was the winner but he was big, damn I can't stop thinking about it. I won't be out tomorrow because if our steelhead holds the number one spot we need to go to Sodus.
  15. Steelman I will be in Olcott tomorrow morning. I want to launch around 6:00. Feel free to call me on VHF if you would like and I will be happy to share what info I have. Boat name is Totally Hooked and I scan radio so should hear you on whatever channel you are on. I think I'm going to start about 180' and point her north to see what I get going.
  16. I have 10 Easton XX78 2413 Super Slam (Super Lite) only a couple have been shot and the rest are brand new. All are in perfect condition. I also have 4 Easton XX78 2413 Super Natural (Super Lite) in perfect condition. All have knocks, inserts and 4" veins, they are all 29 1/2" long. If anyone shoots aluminum and is interested you can have them for $60. PM me if interested, thought I would try to sell them here before Craigslist.
  17. Fished Olcott today ended up 11 for 12, mix of steelhead, lakers and smaller kings. Best bite was right around 350' for us. Mostly a spoon bite but did get 3 on FF. Temp was down 60'.
  18. How deep were you fishing? Seems you had as good of a day as anyone. I heard reports of slow fishing out of Olcott and Wilson. I have been running right to 400' but have not been out in a few days. I know lake rolled.
  19. Ended up waiting it out for a few hours this morning and was able to get out about 9:30 on a pretty calm lake. Set up in 375' at 10:00 and trolled north. Ended up going 5 for 8 between 10:00 and 12:30. All our bites came between 400' and 430' fow, temp was 50 down 95'. Riggers down 100' and dipsey's all took shots. Below is what worked for us. Mag dipsey on a 1 setting out 200' pulling a bloody nose took 2 and we dropped a big steelie on that one. Regular dipsey on a 3 setting out 270' with a white green dot spinny and Hammer fly took one and we missed a good rip. 100' rigger with an NBK spoon took a one and we missed one.. Dipsey on a 3 setting with an NBK spinny and Mountain Dew fly got absolutely crushed and broke off. 100' rigger with a SSW took a nice Coho. Nice mix of fish today. With the way the bite was from 10:00 to noon today I would have loved to be out there at 6:00 instead of 10:00. Oh well.
  20. We never made it out til 9:30 this morning because the lake looked really rough. Layed down for a while then the wind started to pick up a bit around 1:00 or so. Fishing was great from 10:00 to 12:30.
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