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  1. I run 4 dipsey rods on my boat. Two of them are wire and two are 30 lb PP. Trust me there is a significant difference in the two. Here are a few: 1) Less fleas by far on the wire, braid can almost become unfishable at times 2) I drop more on the PP than I do on wire for some reason 3) I can hit bottom in 70' of water with 220' of wire out on a #1 dipsey on a one setting, 3:1 is a pretty accurate line to depth ratio. Both lines will work well with dipsey divers as far as getting them deep so why not use the one that collects less fleas 4) PP does have a tendency to bite on the spool from time to time, I have not had this problem with wire Just be careful not to kink it and you will be fine. Good luck!
  2. Yeah I sent the motor first because I trusted the guy to send me the money but have not heard a word from him in a couple weeks.
  3. I have never had issues buying or selling on this site before but it seems I may have finally gotten screwed. I made the mistake of sending a trolling motor to the Oswego area for a user by the name of Littlefishhawk to pick up. Now for the past two weeks I cannot get in touch with him to arrange for him to send me the $80. He answered his phone regularly before I sent it but now won't even return my calls. Oh well live and learn I guess, it's $80 not the end of the world. Just thought I would let everybody else know this happened to me. I certainly hope that nothing bad happened to the guy and that's why he won't get back to me.
  4. Actually I don't. I take pics with phone straight up and down. Pics store on phone ok and I e-mail them and they are fine etc. As soon as I post them here they are off a quarter turn.
  5. Thanks Tim. He was 29 lbs 3 oz on the LOC scale and fought like a horse.
  6. Ran right out to 350' this morning and set up heading North. In the first hour we go 4 for 6 with a couple skippys, one about 15 lbs and a 10 pounder. Started to get a little bumpy out there around 9:00 so we ran in and set up 200' on a south troll to try the inside water. We lost about a 5 or 6 pound laker at the boat. Screen went blank and we did not move a rod so we point it back north cause the lake starts to lay down. We dropped one or two more and then get a beauty on a 42nd spoon down 70 over 250 fow. Ended the day 5 for 9. Here is what we had hits on, mostly a spoon bite for us. White Holo spinny and a hammer fly on a wire back 160' over 300 fow 42nd spoons on riggers down 70' over 350 fow was our hot set up with that taking 6 shots Caramel Dolphin down 65' at the same depth Habanero SS cheated on a 70' rigger Why do my pics post like that, frustrating!
  7. Went out around 6:30 to find some pretty dense fog. Slowed way down to be safe and ended up seeing a really good screen around 115'. Set up there and started the day off with s skippy on the 50' rigger pulling a mixed veggie spoon. The next shot we took was 28 pound king on diver set back 160' with a chrome green dot spiny and a hammer fly. We moved out to about 140 fow and the screen went blank so back in we went. About an hour later we watch a king on our fish finder streak up to our 40' rigger and take a 42nd spoon. After peeling off 300' of line we finally bring him back and boat a 32 pound slob. The lake is pretty messed up from the weekend winds but we managed a few and a couple of them were just awesome fish. Be back out Saturday morning, hopefully water will be stable by then.
  8. Fished the last couple times out between Olcott and Wilson. Mixed bite on FF and spoons, especially cheated off rigger rods (steelhead should be willing). We did hook up with three majors also. One broke off, one shook loose when he crossed another dipsey line and we landed a 27 pounder. Fishing was a little slow but it picked up later in the morning around 10:00. We were also coming off four days of east wind so that didn't help us. Post how you do, I'm going out Tuesday morning. White spin doctors with Atomik hammer flies has worked best for us lately.
  9. Spiny water fleas. They are a pain this time of year.
  10. Thanks for the live report. I was out Saturday between Olcott and Wilson and caught much of the same, 8 to 12 pound kings and a bunch steelies off cheaters. Love the reports, I think I will try to do the same thing next time out.
  11. Thanks guys I may hit Wilson around 6:30 in the morning.
  12. Anybody fish out of Olcott in the last couple days? I'm taking a couple newbies out tomorrow and I am just trying to decide where to go. Olcott? Wilson? Maybe even the bar?
  13. I saw you out there in your red boat, I run the 20' Starweld. It sounds like everybody did about the same. We went 3 for 5 with one 7 lb steelhead and a couple teenage kings. It should only get better from here.
  14. You could always go to the lower river and bass fish just to fill the void. If you had some smaller rods drifting right at the mouth of the river can be awesome. You are about an hour ride from the Buffalo small boat harbor where you could go out in front of windmills and troll for Walleye also. 35 fow they were doing pretty good. You can PM me if you want.
  15. Motorguide Four 743 12V trolling motor. Works perfectly and is whisper quiet, foot pedal control. PM if interested. $140 takes it.
  16. Fished the bar this morning and it was slow. Went 3 for 6 but nothing over 8 lbs. Cold water and not a lot of marks. Will be fishing Olcott in the morning.
  17. After the last two days - plain white glow, it's been getting slammed lately. Mtn Dew crush is my second . In case my wife reads this all 20 different colors I have in my box I really love and need
  18. Just make sure your drag is set so that just stops creeping and you will know when you are hooked up. I use with 10 color and have had no problem detecting hits. Now, reeling in 300' of lead, 30' of leader and 80' of backing while Mr. Steelhead puts on an aerial show way off the stern can be a bit of a challenge. Good luck!
  19. White crush glow spiny with Hammer fly, that's what it was
  20. Headed out to the bar this morning with my two brothers for some family fun and of course a little sibling rivalry. Ended up going 6 for 10 between 6:45 and 10:45 then never moved a rod after that. Mostly a FF bite but a NBK and Purple Glow Frog took a couple beauties on riggers down 40' & 48'over 110' FOW. Ran our wires back 200 to 250. White spin doctor pulling an A-Tom-Mik fly that had some blue in it (I don't remember the name) was the MVP. Here are the three best fish got.
  21. I have a bunch of old stuff I'm selling for a guy that moved away for work. All of it is old and in used condition. 1) 13' Daiwa surf rod (3 piece) w a Daiwa AG9000X spinning reel on the rod and a second reel of the exact same model. Both reels work. 2) 4 other older rods, one is a Zebco 5 and 1/2 foot, one Daiwa Apollo 6' both med action, a couple older rods I can't even read the name on but they are 9' and 10' long. I wouldn't use them on my boat but hey! 3) a couple brand new camp seat cushions, floating. 4) An 8 sinker mold 3/8 to 1 oz. 5) Live well aerator - works fine 6) Misc stuff like a few spools of line, a couple old fillet knives, a few of those lighted bobbers 7) A couple tackle boxes with some plastics, a bunch of lead weights and 9 or 10 Rapalas, 1/2 doz Jitterbugs and a couple Rebels. All will need new treble hooks. Some of the Rapalas are jointed and in ok shape, some not so much. 6 other spinning reels, 5 work very good and one needs a handle, there are Abu Garcia, Simano, Daiwa and one Brookstone The best thing in the whole pile is that surf rod with the two reels IMO. Some of the reels are in good shape also. I want it out of my garage so if anybody is interested make me an offer.
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