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  1. Took the whole family out today, wife and three boys. I had a hard time keeping my baits in good water temp. 60' down over 250 fow was best for us but blink and we were in 60 degree plus. We managed a few kings, nothing big, 13 lbs was the biggest. We lost a few also but it was slow to say the least. Everybody I talked to had the same results. DEC was at the launch and said there was nobody really coming in with many fish. The fish we did get were on an NBK spinny and fly and a couple came on a FLT glow and black spoon, similar to the king of sting. Had a nice time with the whole family together and the boys got to real in a few fish so all in all it was fun. For the record the 13 pounder came from 100' down over 260'. Cold water moved in near shore as well, 44 degrees down 45' over 80 fow. Good luck this weekend
  2. I'm going in the morning, I will post how we do. I heard you need to run out to 400 fow but I'm not sure about that. I was out yesterday for a couple hours before we got blown off. Found 50 degree water 80' down over 180'. In 2 hours we took 4 shots, one was gone before I got to the rod, chrome green dot spinny with a crinkle green fly on a mag dipsey 200' back on #1 setting. The other three took a sea sick waddler off a rigger set 75' down over 180 fow. We landed one skippy and lost the other two trying to keep them out of the wire lines. It was pretty rough so I wasn't surprised we dropped them near the back of the boat. They seemed like they were a little bit better fish but no screamers that's for sure. The currents were crazy and trying to keep them behind the boat was a chore. Good luck.
  3. I'm heading to Olcott in a few minutes, I have been doing very well about a mile or two west in 150' to 200' fow.
  4. Went out Sunday morning with my wife, son and father in law and fished from 6:45 to 12:30. Ended up the day 14 for 20, our biggest was 16 lbs. Fish came on both FF and spoons. The two hot baits were a Mt Dew Spinny with a Hammer Fly back 220' on a three setting and a black dipsey with a 6' fluoro leader and a Caramel Dolphin spoon. Set it on one and back 150' and it took several shots. Best bite came in 170' to 210' fow. Mixed bag of kings, steelies, coho and a brown. Monday we took friends of ours out and found that it was mostly a spoon bite for us. That same Caramel Dolphin set up caught three of our fish. Our biggest fish was 17 lbs today. Same depth as the day before. We ended up the day 9 for 16, mostly Kings and a few steelies. The MVP today was a Crazy **** free slider on a 60' rigger. That thing was hit over 10 times today, some decent kings on it too. Had hard time keeping them on though, probably lost 6 of 10. I tried sharpening hooks, loading up rod etc. I'm not sure if there was anything more I could do or if that's just what happens on a cheater. Not sure why my pics post sideways?
  5. Fished east of the harbor today not quite down as far as the plant. We set two riggers with spoons and a cheater. Lead core with a spoon off the board and four dipsey rods three with FF and our slide diver with a clean spoon. Screen looked awesome almost everywhere we went, getting them to take was frustrating. A spinny with a crinkle green fly took the first shot, a fairly decent Coho. Picked up a few skippers along the way and one nice Laker that took a purple glow frog off our Mag 10 right on the bottom in 75 fow. Ended up finishing 5 for 9 when all was said and done. Our slide diver with a Caramel Dolphin set back 120' on a one setting over 75 to 100 fow took the most shots today. Nothing spectacular to report but the boat ran good and it felt great being out. Other people we talked to at the dock had very similar days with 3 to 5 fish being caught. I'm sure some did better and some did worse. Everybody had the same screen, fish all over. There is a lot of bait schools out there to compete with that's for sure. Probably shouldn't have dropped the four we did, I had to give some friendly reminders that not letting the line go slack still applies in 2014! LOL. Looking forward to when things turn on again.
  6. King I was out yesterday, I meant to post a report and forgot. For me the best screen was 95 to 110. Went 6 for 6, 3 kings and 3 steelies from 7:30 to noon Spoons in the top 40 to 50' took two of the steelhead and one small king. Spin Doctors and flies on 150 dipseys took two kings and one set back 260' took the other steelhead. Caramel Dolphin and Carbon 14 spoons and the usual greens and whites on the spinnys. Strange thing is I was marking fish from 40 down to 80 down at those depths. I was both east and west and at that depth we had all kinds of marks. Good luck tomorrow. Best we could do yesterday is this one.
  7. I have the exact same problem. My wife is an awesome fishing partner and loves to go out with us but when I ask her to drive the boat we are usually arguing with each other after a while (like one minute). It's really not worth getting too stressed out over, we're supposed to be having fun. What I see with the rookies is that they try to navigate toward a point out in front of them even if you are not heading toward shore? When I am standing in the back of the boat saying hey your turning pretty hard she says no I'm not! Turn around and look at the lines all pulling to one side I say. Somehow it ends up being my fault LOL. The driver really needs to watch the lines as much as out front IMO. I will say that it doesn't take real rough water to make driving a pain in the butt and people jumping around the back of the boat doesn't help either.
  8. Thanks for the info, he was a cute little guy either way. Mailtime26 - wire is referring to wire line for dipsey divers.
  9. Headed out and set up in 80 fow east of the harbor with my dad, son and wife. Lines were in at 5:00 and that was the last I would have to touch them until 6:10 when the mixed veggie on the 40' rigger goes. Looked like about a 15 lb king, he decided to release himself via the rigger cable. Slid out to about 110' to 140' and managed four more in less than an hour. Three of them on spin doctor / flies back 150' to 210'. Then we ended up catching what I think was my favorite fish of the year, a little 6" king. My wife wanted a picture in the worst way but the little rascal slid right of my hand and back in the water. Are those the pen fish from this spring? I love seeing future screamers.
  10. Fished from 7 til noon today with a friend from out of town. Found good temp down 70 to 80 over 300 fow. By about 10:30 we were 4 for 8. Our best fish was low twenties. One steelie on a mixed veggie down 80' and the rest were FF bites. Guy never did fish salmon before so he was loving it. He lost an absolute screamer that hit a FF behind a dipsey at 210' and ran out to 600' without stopping. Oh well, that's the fun of taking new people.
  11. Thanks for the report, I think. LOL!! May have to run off shore tomorrow to find fish and temp that will work. Are you marking anything and they just won't hit?
  12. Set up and fishing around 7:00AM and never moved a rod for the first two hours. All kind of fish in that 90 to 130 fow range but I just could not get them to go. Ended up moving east between the plant and the harbor and got a 5 lb steelie on blue hammer fly and white holo spin doctor down 50 over 180'. Dink on a Carmel dolphin spoon on the rigger same depth. Lost a couple more then finished up with this guy, green crush spinny and a green crinkle fly on dipsey set on 3 and back 175' over 180'. Nice fish but all in all it was slow today. The temp is all over the place, one minute the fishhawk is reading 48 degrees and 5 minutes later in the same depth the temp is over 60 degrees. Lake was pretty churned up yesterday, I guess that could do it.
  13. Yeah she did a great job. The problem is that was a decent fish on a wire diver and it was on a new Saltist reel that I just picked up from Wes. Those drags a pretty smooth and I was screwing with it while she was fighting and um, well --- I may have have tightened it just a bit too much cause she pulled the hooks about 30' from the boat. I didn't even know she knew that many swear words!!! LOL I try to get out quite a bit and always have the radio on scan, name of my boat (although not getting lettered until September) is Totally Hooked. Feel free to give shout and let me know what channel you want to go to and I am more than happy to share how I am doing. I'm no expert but sometimes I'm into them and sometimes I'm not.
  14. 80 to 160 but by far the best screen was 90 to 115. East of the harbor about a mile and in 95 fow the screen lit up. Caught one lost one through that area.
  15. Got out for a couple hours this afternoon in between other things I had to do. I wasn't expecting much being the middle of the day. Fished from 2:30 to 5:00 and ended up 3 for 7. Missed some dipsey shots, yanked some hooks out etc etc LOL. Bite was actually better than I expected for that time of day. 42nd spoon took three shots, Carbon 14 took a couple and a white double crush spinny with a hammer fly got ripped twice but just could not land them. Oh we'll case of the dropsies I guess.
  16. Nice job, thanks for the report. Looks like a mid-morning run turned a slow start into a good day.
  17. Currents and speed all play into it but it seems to me that 3 feet of line out sinks 1 foot. I'm sure this is not always the case but it works for me as a starting point.
  18. I run 4 dipsey rods on my boat. Two of them are wire and two are 30 lb PP. Trust me there is a significant difference in the two. Here are a few: 1) Less fleas by far on the wire, braid can almost become unfishable at times 2) I drop more on the PP than I do on wire for some reason 3) I can hit bottom in 70' of water with 220' of wire out on a #1 dipsey on a one setting, 3:1 is a pretty accurate line to depth ratio. Both lines will work well with dipsey divers as far as getting them deep so why not use the one that collects less fleas 4) PP does have a tendency to bite on the spool from time to time, I have not had this problem with wire Just be careful not to kink it and you will be fine. Good luck!
  19. Yeah I sent the motor first because I trusted the guy to send me the money but have not heard a word from him in a couple weeks.
  20. I have never had issues buying or selling on this site before but it seems I may have finally gotten screwed. I made the mistake of sending a trolling motor to the Oswego area for a user by the name of Littlefishhawk to pick up. Now for the past two weeks I cannot get in touch with him to arrange for him to send me the $80. He answered his phone regularly before I sent it but now won't even return my calls. Oh well live and learn I guess, it's $80 not the end of the world. Just thought I would let everybody else know this happened to me. I certainly hope that nothing bad happened to the guy and that's why he won't get back to me.
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