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  1. I actually have an 8' antenna as well. PM if you want. Nothing wrong with it but a bit weathered.
  2. What the? Lack of communication and planning. My boat is in my driveway because I trusted people and signed to be there by July 13th. I'm giving up charters and paying deposits. Arm chair maybe but if I had planned like this in my passed I would not have lasted well. I've watched this whole thing as I am a local. Great things going on in the end I agree. All work could have been done off season in regards to preventing dockage. Hey maybe have fixed things in steps instead of just on a whim. I would recommend Microsoft project planning
  3. Four 8lb class weights coated black. Two cannon and two Cabela's. $80 for 4
  4. I have 4 rod and reel combos. The rods are graphite 8' 6" Medium/Light action. Line wt. 6-10 lb. Power House Plus originally sold by Outdoor Sports. The reels are a spincast/level wind combo by BrowninG. Syntec ST 200 SW w/2 ball brgs. All are fully functional. $280 for all 4 sets. I would rather not separate as that would be a shame.
  5. Attempting to close this now. SOLD
  6. I have three Daiwa Sealine Great Lakes 47LC reels. They are in good shape and fully functional. $100 for the lot(3). I'm located in Oswego.
  7. I have a good offer. Call or text me 315 447 5070
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