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  1. Beautiful fish! Congrats! Looks like all had a great day on the water. I have never fished Waneta/Lamoka. To me Waneta looks to be much like Silver lake, a big elongated bathtub shape. Of course there must be much more to meet the eye if you're actually there reading the screen as you troll, make a few passes and learn the lake. Lamoka looks like a caster's dream come true.
  2. Now hear this~ Docks to be removed from the state launch on Silver this week. That is all, carry on...
  3. This guy~ http://niagaramuskyassociation.ning.com ... /TonyScime
  4. FWIW, if anybody cares anymore... http://www.b4usa.com/evinrude-outboard-motors/
  5. Oh man you beat me to it! I intended to post a question when I got home from work this morning on how the meeting went, etc and what was covered? I was just getting out of work when you posted that. Still kicking myself in the head for missing the meeting but I was burning the candle at both ends and just couldn't make it. Helping out on Niagara river habitat improvements? YES. Sign me up for the duration, I would love to put in some hours on that. Reminds me of an NMA meeting in '95 (can't remember the names of the guest speakers at the time) that was on proposed improvements to the Strawberry Island area of the river and results/overview of a very in depth study of the aquatic vegetation there around Strawberry and Motor Islands including what the whole project might entail. This included protecting Strawberry from further erosion, adding a series of wingdams to the east coast of Grand Island across from Motor Island and even creating a string of new islets in that area. Have a look on Google Maps satellite views and the improvements to Strawberry are readily seen. Thank God it was done at the time because the west arm of the island had already been breached by the river and who knows what might remain today if nothing at all had been done. As for the proposed "string of man made islets" I guess that never came to be (but perhaps still could?). It goes without saying that efforts such as this require monumental commitment from very dedicated people and let's face it, heaps of cash. This is where a club really matters! The fact that such great folks exist and indeed have that enthusiasm and dedication is great news and bodes well for the future. Very much looking forward to the October meeting. Cheers, Dan.
  6. Howdy everybody, looking forward to Wednesday at Nashville's. Just in case~ If anyone else had been wondering, as I was, about their M.I. membership activation do not worry. I rejoined online with my credit card back on Tuesday August 28. Since that time I had heard nothing about it from M.I. but I knew my credit card payment went through o.k. Perhaps "rejoined" is the operative phrase here. When I first joined years ago I received a big package in the mail from M.I. soon after which consisted of a welcome aboard letter, a window decal, an 8x5 laminated muskies/pike/tiger I.D. pictorial sheet for the boat, some other literature and a back issue of Muskies magazine. I guess I was anticipating a confirmation letter or at least an e-mail. I really didn't expect the big package again but something simple to confirm. Today I sent an e-mail query off to M.I. and received back a response, on the same day. Just in case anyone else who has joined recently was also wondering, not to worry. It just takes a little time. Here is what I received back~ Subject: reactivation of Muskies Inc Membership Your membership has been reactivated under your prior membership number 69-xxxxx. You can access on line immediately within the members only section by using the last 5 digits of your member number xxxxx. Added a password so use xxxxx and xxxxxxxxx, you can change afterwards if you’d like. Visit http://www.muskiesinc.org. If you have issues logging on due to lost passwords please notify me so we can assist. Process for renewals: Members are updated though out the month and on the 28th of each month a batch download is done which is sent to the printers. ID Cards are processed within the first 10 days of the month after the download and the magazine is run on or about the 25th for mailing to arrive shortly after the first of the next month of planned publication. Until then enjoy the site and check us out at Keyes Outdoors first show of the season. KO 1st Show Motor City Muskies Part 1 Master.m4v Then check with your local network carrier for the next show being broadcast in your area to see the power of MI in action. Publication plan for 2012 is as follows: January/February Showcase issue – printed/mailed in December for early January delivery November active membership for delivery. March/April – printed/mailed in February for early March delivery January active membership for delivery. May/June – printed/mailed in April for early May delivery March active membership for delivery. July/August – printed/mailed in June for early July delivery June active membership for delivery. September/October – printed/mailed in August for early September delivery July active membership for delivery. November/December – printed/mailed in October for early November delivery September active membership for delivery. To avoid gaps in service, delays and missed magazines renew prior to your renewal date. Welcome Back! Ellen M Wells Muskies Inc. Administrative Secretary 1509 Stahl Road Sheboygan, WI 53081 [email protected] toll free - 888-710-8286 I hope this helps!
  7. Except for Images Like This~ http://www.thesunnews.net/sports/854-Outdoors_Column_Chautauqua_Lake_a_fishing_haven.html Some people are still living in the past. Stuck in the time when it was cool to kill a big muskie and hang it on the wall. So much opportunity is at the fingertips of those who are in the media, those who profess what the present state of our sport is and the general public takes what they print as acceptable for today, "this is A-O.K"... The general public looks up to those who write such columns professionally as voices of authority who speak only of what is the current state of affairs so everything they print must of course be the gospel truth. An image such as this sends the wrong message in 2012. So many have worked so hard for so long to educate the public as the truths of the fragile ecology of the muskellunge is learned more and more. Most of us are well aware that the loss of a fish like that, a 25 year old hen, is a massive blow to the fishery. What many don't know, perhaps those who feel that because Chautauqua has a "muskie factory" at Prendergast Point just like all the other New York trout "factories" that produce an endless flow of "put-and-take" fishing opportunities is that for the past few years teh DEC has had to revert to setting its Fyke nets on Cassadaga lake to collect breeding stock because Chautauqua had not been producing enough fish to support the hatchery. The hatchery gives the muskie fishery a helping hand but it is not a factory that can produce muskies out of thin air. Mother Nature is still and always will be the golden goose. Killing the rarest and most important breeders isn't helping. Much work lies ahead.
  8. Mark, for heavy jigs try Rainbow Sports on Oliver St. in N.T. They've got huge grubs too. Bullet head 7/0 jigs and twister style plastics the size of a Castro cigar. https://plus.google.com/110290910205199 ... l=us&hl=en
  9. Chuck Battaglia Musky Itch Too Guide Service I hear ya Chuck. Reminds me of when I lived in Caneadea in Allegany county between wives and the Chautauqua Musky Hunters were forming up. I made it to a couple meetings and the vibe was very positive/new club forming up and all looked great. Was exactly 100 miles one way on my odometer from my driveway to Lakewood Rod & Gun. That's why I only made two meetings a couple of months apart. Then I heard through the grapevine that the club was no more, sad. Too bad. I remember the second (last one I attended) meeting had Paul McKeown DEC region 9 fisheries biologist as a speaker. This was not long after the great carp herpes die off on the lake. For those not familiar with the event that summer what happened was thousands of carp suddenly went belly up and littered the shore in rotting heaps. The Chautauqua Lake landowner's Association (seems every lake in NY has one) screamed for help and Albany answered by raiding the fund garnered from sales of fishing licenses, tackle and hunting equipment. This fund by law is reserved for promotion and preservation of hunting and fishing in New York, NOT beach clean up where cottagers are annoyed by the stench of dead fish. He also (in hushed tones/"off the record") related that the source of the problem had indeed been verifiably traced to a specific home on the water with a pond that the owner had stocked with imported koi. The outlet of the pond empties into Chautauqua Lake. DEC established that is where the carp herpes came from. That is where the blame lies. That is not where the bill for the cleanup was sent. This is exactly the sort of thing that we need clubs for. It's not about fishing, it's about not being jerked around by Albany. Ask the gun clubs. We all stand together or we all fall together but along the way the bigger dogs on the porch get special treatment and the landowner's associations have a lot of money to throw around and being in top tier cottage country they have the benefit of some legislators as neighbors so it gives them a back door upper hand. I hate to say it but it's true, NY politics is rife with cronyism. That's just the way it is. Also was a member of the Niagara Musky Association when I first heard of it which was in the spring of their second year. Wish I had heard about it sooner but I missed their start up. Getting the word out is a big hurdle for a new organization. Divorced my first wife soon thereafter and went south into Allegany county. Making the meetings was then tough because of the travel time/distance so that was in the past for me. Then the Chautauqua club spawned into being and I thought great, here's a group I can at least benefit with my membership dollars if not actually be at the meetings because of the distance but then that too came to an end. The New York Muskies Inc. is a much needed force on the scene these days and has been a long time in coming. I know it was mulled over years ago and not pursued because it would basically have only benefited the upper Midwest states and really not been a viable thing here in New York, taxation without representation sort of thing. This new alliance forming now gives me good vibes. I think it will prove to be a good thing. In the long run perhaps we may go our own way and form a union of chapters independent of Muskies Inc. if that seems the way to go as time goes on. I envision more chapters forming in other parts of the state because there are muskies spread far and wide in New York. We have the Niagara, Chautauqua, St. Lawrence, Great Chazy/ Lake Champlain and some rivers in the central southern tier as well with pures and tigers. They may be scattered about a bit throughout the state but the muskie fanatics are out there and with muskie fishing becoming more and more popular the need for a club is greater than ever before. Much work lies ahead. The esocid anglers of New York deserve a seat at the table with the bass crowd and the trout & salmon guys too. We have been ignored for too long.
  10. Just got back from Nashville's. Sorry I missed you guys, I wasn't able to get there until 8:30. Got upstairs to find an empty room . Got home from work this morning (I work nights) and went to bed. Two hours later the phone rang and it was go go go all day since. Long story short, my sister in law has terminal cancer and is not doing well, relatives coming in from out of state. The wife is a wreck and I couldn't let her go by herself because I didn't want her driving like that. Finally they all went out to dinner and I was able to shoot up to Henreietta. Oh well, there's always next month.
  11. Thanks Brad, I did just that. Signed up online this morning. There was no box for additional text so I just typed into the 'Sponsor name & number' box "Add me to the new chapter #69 New York Please". Hope that does the trick. See you guys Wednesday evening! Dan.
  12. Have been reading these boards for awhile, good stuff. This new club looks like just the sort of thing I'd like to get into. Was a member of Muskies Inc. twenty years ago but let my membership lapse because there was no local chapter. Long overdue IMHO. See you guys at Nashville's on Wednesday for sure. What are the fees associated with joining? ~Dan.
  13. Name: Location: Home Port: Boat Name/Type: I fish for: ================== (your welcome message to LOU - anything else you want to say to the community goes here). Hello everybody, beautiful site.
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