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  1. Good deal Chuck - looked like you had a blast on the South Shore! We fished the finger both days. There are Kings around. I'll be fishing Friday thru Sunday this weekend... agree on the forecast needing to calm down... could be another rough weekend, just from the other direction! Talk soon.
  2. The near-term forecast for lake levels is not looking promising. Possible to lose 4-6" in the next 2 weeks on Lake O... if that's the case... it'll hurt our marina and all larger boats ability to get out. Not good timing for the staging King fishing in the trench. Thank goodness I have a smaller boat to for exactly these scenarios. Speaking of... what will they be staging for if there's no water in the tribs... it's going to be concerning and interesting to see the next 2 months unfold...
  3. Was a good Salmon chop out there Friday and Saturday... rolling pretty good from the ENE winds. We did 4/4 on Kings on Friday and 4/6 on Kings Saturday. Lost 2 mature Screamers on Saturday with a few newbie's on-board. They had a great time. Temps were cooooollllddd not too far down. had 44deg down 85-95' over 135-145fow.
  4. Did not expect the conditions to be so nasty out there today... fished for an hour and a half if that and picked up 4 small kings and headed in. Was not worth the trip out IMO. Try again tomorrow.
  5. It gets a lot worse... still manageable now. If we don't get a lot of rain in August it'll be a tough salmon season on the East End. It's been another foot lower than it is now the last few years I'm not worried yet.
  6. Yes. They held up great. Even with 10' Okuma dipsey rods pulling mag dipseys with FF. The only "plastic" rod holders I would trust out there. Slick design too. They use em out West a lot. You can find YouTube videos of them taking nasty hits from Kings and Stripers. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N910A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. Hate when conditions like this ruin an open fishing weekend... I'm going fishing here in Australia out of Sydney tomorrow morning a few miles offshore to a reef. Not sure what to expect. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N910A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. Hoping you guys can get out this weekend... I'm stuck in Australia for work through mid-next week but will be up next weekend to see if the Kings are still around in numbers like last weekend. Be safe out there. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N910A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. Chamberlain releases are awesome been using them for last 4 years... repeatable release tension and tension is adjustable depending on species targeted. Check em out. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N910A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. 2 kings off the finger this AM... Lots of LT down deep - stay well above em to play with the silver. Temps are there and lake is set up fully now. Don't have to go down 100' to find 44-46deg water. Here's the better King.
  11. Great stuff Dan nice work. What SW are you using for editting? Just curious...
  12. Lake trout... blue gill... this another wild story of yours that has 0% to do with the conversation again? Have no idea what you're talking about PAP.
  13. If I fished once a year or less like you PAP, I wouldn't have a need for a quality cooler either. The use cases and clear explanations of many have provided folks with well informed intel on where your standard cooler falls short... way short. For some it's good enough. For others they don't fish enough to justify the purchase. That's fine and everyone gets that. Not everyone's situation is the same. One thing is for sure... it's far from a Ford-Chevy debate. It's no comparison.
  14. Question becomes: do you need a day trip cooler or one that will hold thru 3-5+ days while sitting in the sun. I agree that some of the coleman coolers are a great value. I've had them. Including the marine extreme variants. However, when I'm up fishing over a 3-day weekend or especially on 10+ day extended stays at the lake, moving beverages to and from the boat each morning and night because the cooler doesn't keep em cold gets old fast. Not to mention getting ice to last and the constant replenish of it. I was so sick of the twice a day beverage/ice routine... something had to be done. At some point you anny-up and spring for a better quality cooler. There are many out there that folks have already mentioned. I went with Yeti and current own 3. The amount of time and hassle I save having these aboard is well worth it to me. 2 frozen milk jugs in the yeti and beverages stay in the boat and ice cold for 3+ days. No hassle. No wasted time. This use case may not fit everyone's fishing routine, but if you find yourself in the above situation, do yourself a favor and buy a quality cooler. Whatever the brand, you'll be so happy that you did.
  15. Matching pair of Great Lakes Planers (GLP) Dual Rod Holders. Each rod holder is fully adjustable up/down and the entire unit is adjustable in the base to satisfy your exact rod placement. Excellent Condition - lightly used. [From GLPs website: http://greatlakesplaners.com/store/proddetail.asp?prod=GLP-008] "Our regular dual rod holder unit comes with 2 rod holders horizontally mounted on an 8†x 15†“Tâ€. Constructed with super high quality 6061-T6 aluminum tubing. The regular dual rod holder is a great economical choice. Each rod holder is adjustable 360 degrees around the “T†mast and lock in place with a large 3†hand knob with ½ -13 threaded bolt. Base types includes a 4 1/4†X 5†standard base. These sell for $119 each new. Asking $120 for both of them. Cash or PayPal. PM me if interested. Can meet anywhere between Binghamton and Watertown along I-81.
  16. Is the boat in the water or on a trailer? Do your fish boxes drain into the bilge? That's a common problem.
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