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  1. Thanks again for all the information, people. It has removed some of the doubt and answered most of the questions I had. Now time to put this info to work into our program. C'mon Kings!!!
  2. Im looking to get to 100' or so... I realize there are a lot of factors, so thanks for any advice or opinions.
  3. I have read a lot about colors but not much about size when it comes to dipseys. We are currently running a 2 diver setup out each side with wire line and 10' dipsey rods. As a rule, Lake Ontario salmon are our target species when we have them out. Any advise would be appreciated.
  4. Ummm.... Left dock before 6am Saturday and headed east out of the chute into the roller coaster. Set up inside for browns in 15-20 FOW. Kept getting our lines fouled up with weeds and debris so we we went out to 40-50 FOW then had enough of the debris and set a course north. We cleared the crap off all the lines and settled on 135FOW put out a echip NBK flasher with blue/green atomic down70 on center rigger. Outside riggers had stinger stingray size spoons dark colors to start then changed to brighter stuff with free sliders in orange red pinks changed out throughout day. A frog dipsey with echip mountaindew and hammer atomic, and another dipsey white with whitecrush echip and purple death atomic. 150 to 200 copper. Picked up a 12lb laker on the center rigger F/F 70 down. Had a violent rip on the mountain dew f/f 150' but nothing home. Worked out to 150 ft then back to 100 ft and screen looked best around 130. Took another laker around15lbs on the same at 100 down. Had a few knock-offs on the spoons during the day also. Came back in around 2 all beat up from the water and wishing there was some salmon popping. Went out Sun morning and headed right out to 150 FOW and set up with basically the same stuff. Went out to 170FOW Took a laker on the same set up. Had a few good hits on blue dolphin spoon down 65' noone home. Ran from the rain... SLOWWW.
  5. Saw you over there, we were just east of you doing the same set up but stuck with the initial program... Took a couple nice lakers by accident lol. Thanks for the report!
  6. Coming out tonight to set up the boat for the weekend then up early to go get 'em. Probably gonna poke around inside for browns first then head out deeper for salmon/steelies. Should give us an idea what to do Sunday. Will post what happens...
  7. Oh yeah, it stayed 60' back right in the spread and went airborne 4-5 times, then made a nice run straight back, then streaked to the starboard side, then slowly came to me. It spit the spoon as soon as it hit the deck, so I feel REAL fortunate to have landed her! On Sunday we also marked nice balls of bait and fish on bottom and balls of bait around 50'ish from 104-130 FOW like most people, but we kept the speed up a little trying to target salmon. Had a F/F white crush/white fly near bottom on one rigger, spoons with sliders on the other 2 riggers staggered in the water column, Frog Dipsy w mountain dew echip and hammer fly 250-325 copper, White crushDipsey with NBK then lemon ice stingray spoon 175-245 copper. Darker spoons in am changing out to brighter spoons later. Orange, pink, bright stuff on sliders. Bright stuff on the boards..... We will give it hell again next weekend!
  8. 9.5 lb Spawned out steelhead first thing this morning in 50 FOW 25 ft down off rigger, diehard spoon. Had cheater bites and some knock offs in 100-130 FOW during the rest of the day but couldnt get em to stick...
  9. Took a nice steelhead first thing in FOW 25 down diehard stinger. Screen looked great in there. Moved out to 120 now.
  10. Mr Clean, I spotted you down the the way walking around (Sat afternoon) and wandered down myself to say hi but you must have just headed out... next time!
  11. Ummmm... We were out Saturday am 6 - 2 pm and started inside east for browns and made a few passes. Couldn't get them going so headed north. Caught a few lakers 35' down over 130' of water, chicken wing spoon,then nothing. Headed further out to 250' and back. Too much junk in the water for us out deep. Clumps of hydrilla on everything. Spent the rest of the time in 130' got too hot so we headed in. It was a humbling day for us on lady O. Sounds like we should have went out later!
  12. We will be out on the lake Saturday AM - Sunday PM. Weather permitting...results will be posted. I will try to stop by and say hi to the Bayshore Marina members.
  13. I wasnt on board this weekend, but I just chatted with my friend and fishing partner on the B.A.R. None. Fished in front of the bluffs saturday very early and boated five browns before it died. Smithwicks goby pattern and brown. Moved out to 130-150 and dropped riggers and dipseys. Took a coupla nice atlantics and A few lakers. Put back. Smithwicks again. Sunday took a decent brown inside then it got clear and died quickly. Went out to the same area as saturday and did a bunch of lakers on a mixed bag of spoons off riggers and dipseys. Lakers hit smithwicks also. I dont really have rigger depth info, but we fished from 90' on up to surface and caught lakers all over. More importantly, Smithwick Rogues in goby and brown colors has been magic for us all season so far....
  14. Hello, all. No, we did not lock boards, or anything like that. A larger part of the "learning curve" I was referring to is that if you are new to having boards out in traffic, it is difficult to judge how much time it takes to actually change course and bring the boards along with you. It takes WAY longer than you think at first! We unintentionally ran our boards too close to other boards in traffic. We are always trying our best to be courteous out there on the water and be safe and will do better. Thanks for all the input! If I see any of you at the marina, I will stop and say hi. Tight lines.
  15. First off, I would like to offer a sincere apology to anyone who was out east of Fairhaven that may have had a bad encounter with us this past weekend. There is a learning curve in traffic with the boards out and we did some bonehead moves. It was not intentional and we will learn from our mistakes and move on. Had far to travel friday 4/26 so didn't get the boat in and fishing until about 2 PM. We fished 8-10' of water and went 4 for 7 6lb average and dropped a few bigger ones with a 4 1/2lb smallie thrown in. Brown sticks all off the boards. Had some issues and got a late 9AM start Saturday and fished the same water. Went 2 for 5 on browns right off the bat then nothing... East wind, clear water, bright sun... we stuck it out after most boats left but it didn't pay. On the water Sunday at 6AM in the same water, same spread, only had a few knockoffs to show for it. Full moon, clear skys, clear water, bright sun, and all that. Went looking for better water and found it when we had to leave. Over all, a great weekend!
  16. I am a fifty year old man from Johnsonville, NY (near Bennington, Vt). I have fished Lake Ontario on and off since 1982ish with charter boats out of Sodus. A friend and I had a boat at Sodus in the late eighties and fished May-June and did ok considering it was an old cabin cruiser and we had little money for equipment. Last summer, another good friend purchased a well used 22' Deep V aluminum cuddy pretty much equipped. After updating alot of stuff, we headed out to try our luck out of Fairhaven in the fall. We did pretty good after the learning curve using dodger/flies and caught some salmon. I'm glad to find a collaborative, friendly fishing site. After a little more upgrading over the winter, we are headed back out to Fairhaven this Friday through Sunday. See you on the water. We will post how we make out... Fish-On!
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