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  1. On fire this morning! 110 - 130 fow. 6 for 9 with 4 majors 1 coho and a nice steelhead. Mainly rigger bite 70-80 down glow frog blue sd w LBB atomic and white glow green dot sd w hammer fly. Dipsey took a major out 225 top secret echip green glow atomic. Died off now....
  2. Made me wish I was on the lake AGAIN! Friday night and the weekend can't get here fast enough. Thanks again for the report and sharing your experience with us all. Stick a big one!
  3. Great live report! What was the "hot" set-up today? Can't wait for this weekend....
  4. I missed the last coupla weekends due to family obligations and we had a blown head gasket to boot... Headed back out this weekend to see if the ole B.A.R None can put us on that LOC slammer! Stayin at Screwy Louies yet again. See you out there!
  5. Great story! Congrats on a great trip coming together for you in the end.
  6. Seasick Wabbler Mag behind a dipsey on wire out 300 was hot for us a coupla weeks ago... Just sayin'!
  7. Yesterday morning, 8/5. It was nasty lumpy out there. Set up in 130 fow had bait on the bottom and picked up a laker... So headed out deeper and found good bait and fishat 200fow 130-150 down. Temp was down way deep and up and down. Picked up 3 small kings which were given back to the lake and a 30lb Major drag screamer! All kings came on NBK green chip and Hammer fly down 130 on the rigger. Screen went blank and we headed in. Not a great pic but heres my fishing partner Jerry with his king...
  8. Went out this morning not to early, 7 ish maybe. Fished mainly in 130 to 180 Fow Until the storm came in. Mainly a rigger bite for us and fish caught between 160-180 fow. 20 lb king 120 down on NBK flasher w hammer fly. 3 smaller kings 110 down on SSW Mag. 12 lb steelie 97 down on SSW mag.
  9. Mr. Clean... I'll be headed back out this weekend myself, Thursday afternoon to Sunday. We will try again to stop by and say hello when we get in. Had mechanical trouble w the B.A.R.None this weekend but still put in a lot of time and banged some majors. It was nice having the RV at Bayside for the weekend. Very convenient. Made "friends" n talked w some of the Captains. Stayin' at Screwey Lews this time. Tight Lines....
  10. That's a great pic of the couple working together reeling in fish! Warms the cold heart! Good to hear you banged some kings!
  11. Went back to yesterdays235FOW and did 2 kings one over 20lbs w dipsey SSW out 275 on wire. Did 2 small brown on blue dolphin slider. Had motor trouble so headed in early... Right when they turned on inside more! Oh well... Motors fixed so back at it tomorrow
  12. 6lb steelie 60 down over 260fow hammertime sd green crinkle fly.
  13. Boom! 28lb major. 300 wire dipsey SSW mag over 235fow.
  14. Musta missed the setup... Hit a small king on a SSW off the rigger 60 over 130 and a nice 9lb steelie on 300 copper blue glow frog sd w LLB Atomic over the same...
  15. Headed out tonight and on the water first thing in the am, so I thank you very much for the report! It gives us a great place to start. Hopefully I will be able to return the favor. Looks like decent weather so maybe 3 days of fish! Spoon bite, F/F, or both? Thanks!
  16. Coming out thurs night. Fishing friday through sunday on the BAR None. Hopefully we will meet, Mr Clean. We will be in the RV. Got permission to park in the marina short term. Stop in and say Hi!
  17. I also thank you much for the video. Looks like I'm a gonna spend some more money on another rig! Lol!
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