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  1. i'll have to measure it.
  2. Here are some pictures of the folding planer board I built with some plans that are on this site. I used the basic dimensions for the wood and then made some changes to make them foldable. The boards are made of ceder, and they are 1" x 8". The metal is from one of those big box stores. The bolts and nuts are stainless and the nuts are the nylon lock type. The bolts are all 1/4"x 1 1/2". Got all the hardware from a wholesale place, way cheaper than the box stores. Also included a couple of pictures of the parts and pieces before assy. Now just have to wait for some water to open up to get on. Sent from my VS870 4G using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. Here is a pic of the top half of the planer board mast I fixed up to run. The mast itself was given to me (thanks again). It need a little work, so I installed the aluminum plate to attach the eye bolts to and then the pulleys. I had to modify the pulleys a bit in the sense of adding a spacer between the wheel and the housing to get rid of the gap. So now just have to wait till I can get the boat out. You can also see the boards I'm working on in the background, going to set them up so they're able to be folded flat.
  4. yep I might have to resort to that, but you never know, someone has some lying around even if it is a section off of another boat that I can cut down. and as long as its in decent shape. I found one new section at an auction that just wasn't quite big enough to use a cockpit cover, but was big enough be turned into seat covers instead.
  5. Looking for a section of Red Canvas, can be used, as long as in good shape, and needs to be about 8' wide X 12' long.
  6. if your looking for new I just saw them over at Bass Pro shops, basically $100 ea.
  7. was just up on Sandy pond and more ice on it now than I can remember, couple of feet anyways. good thing my auger blades are sharp.
  8. well seeing I didn't have to pay for any of it, I can't see where would hurt to give it a shot, I got a couple of tips on how to cut down on kinks and what not and I'm just hazarding a guess but seeing it is off and OLD boat that it is of the harder material so this adventure should be interesting, hope it works cause it will save a ton of money. At least now I know it can be done, so thanks all for you advice and help, I'll let you all know how it works out.
  9. not worried about buying a new coil for it, if that's whats called for. the coil in it now only has maybe 10 hours on it. sounds like I have the same basic setup as what you had. as far as the interrupt switch, if I remember right mine was still working, one of the concerns I have with lowering the Idle is stalling at the exact wrong moment (docking). I will look on line for that circuit setup or just get a ESA from on line.
  10. looks like a very cool setup, looks like it would be a good investment.
  11. Has anyone done any bending of Stainless steel tubing? I have a bunch of old SS tubing off of an old boat that I would like to bend up and turn into a mount for some pole holders off of my Bimini frame. Just curious before I go out and get a tubing bender to work on it.
  12. did they recommend changing the coil too? Or did you do because you wanted too? and did you also have to do anything with your ESA?
  13. i hear you and Tileman about spare parts, last summer for my points and coil took a dump out on the lake and had to be towed back (at night, what a bummer), needless to say i most definitly started carrying spare parts with me. i'll add in, it looks like that fiber piece on the points that ride on the lobe wore out and caused the points to stop opening which must of caused all the rest of the failures. I also just picked up a new used good distributor for it too, seeing how my dwell reading where getting to the outer limits of the specs. next is to get the update kit for it. Do I need to change coils too?
  14. well, that answers the question on why not to use automotive. I also read about maybe having to change coils, plus on my set up I will have to add in a electronic interrupt switch. Well as everyone knows what BOAT stands for.
  15. once again thanks for the mast, I got the pulleys all set now, only have to fix that one reel which should be easy enough) and off to the water (once it thaws )
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