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    fishing, hunting, golf, softball spending time with my son Gage
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  1. do I have to run power pro or can I use any 50 lb braid? what is a good leader length and what should it be ? also should I run swivels or use special nots for joining leader and backing to the copper .thanks guys I don't know what I would do with out you
  2. I don't understand add the weight clip after 400 is out bare with me im a green horn ive only been doing this a couple years . ibought a wire dipsy last year I think I got that figured out kind of lol Ive never used a weight clip I don't even know what they look like
  3. how much leader do you run on your copper and were do you add weight if needed also what should I run off it
  4. 300 out and 5oz weight clip is same as 500???
  5. do you know were I can get a 400 copper prespooled with backing
  6. going back to mexico Oswego area in mid to late august thinking about buying a copper reel whats my best bet 300 ,400 ,or 500. and what should I run off of it that time of year any help would be greatly appreciated
  7. this pic came from lake champlain in ny. amazing my boy said look dad a big bird is trying to get our fish I turned around and saw a the eagle 15 ft from the boat . so the next laker I caught I let go and got the camera ready sure as crap that eagle came out o his pearch and came and grabbed it
  8. let a 5lb laker go and mr .eagle got him what a pic how fortunate to experience such a moment
  9. just wondering if there are any fishing tourneys or derbies in the mexico, Oswego area in july or august
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