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  1. I am looking for a tekota 800 and a working cannon intellitroll probe.. I am going to need them shipped to me in Canada aswell because I can't get across the border right now PM or you can text me at 613-802-0851 Thanks Adam
  2. Still looking for PC boards for these riggers Adam
  3. That's great to hear, you could have sold both/all of them here if you would have just given some form of contact information, like a phone number or email.. I will gladly buy them off you on Ebay because then I have the protection of getting my money back when you fail to send them to me, which is what I fear will happen on this forum.. Adam
  4. I too have grown frustrated with your replies.. I have asked multiple times for your contact info and can't get anything from you.. I have concluded at this time even if you were to give me your info I don't think I would trust sending you money for anything because I fear the goods would never arrive. Adam
  5. Bump back to the top as I am still searching for PC boards Adam
  6. Markm are the downrigger mount rod holders the ones that are a plate and have a dual axis on either side of the rigger??
  7. Still got them?? We are on our way to Pulaski right now and my buddy wants them.. Do you have any other Taloras to sell?? Text me 613 802 0851 Adam
  8. Hopefully he sells it to somebody else.. Karma will get ya every time
  9. Sorry it sold and I completely forgot about my ad on here.. Adam
  10. Hey TD haven't heard back from you, just wondering if we still have a deal?? Adam
  11. TD I have sent you a couple PM's hopefully atleast 1 maybe 2 of them was earmarked for me?? Adam
  12. TD I sent you a PM about buying a board or 2 and possibly 1 of your riggers Adam
  13. Tom, without having your rigger on my bench to properly test it I am only guessing here but I think throwing a $250 PC board at the problem before ruling out the $70 motor or $2 power supply capacitor first is kinda crazy lol.. If your display powers up and you can move through all the menu's and your up down keys are working I would start with a motor test.. Adam
  14. TD do you know if they are the new version or old version board? Can you send me a couple pictures of them? Text is 613-802-0851 and email is [email protected] I am very interested Adam
  15. Newmike I would be interested is seeing a couple pictures of it.. You can text them to me 613-802-0851 or email them to [email protected] that would be great.. Adam
  16. Yes it sure does I really like my DTIV's and really don't like the cost of the new DT10's.. lol..
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