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  1. he let me know how you do im headed that way for the weekend any help will do
  2. we were12 for 18 fri. sat. sun. we stayed in the same spot all three days right in front of nine mile 170 to 220 fow it wasn't hot and heavy but I was very satisfied for my first time salmon fishing now I don't want to fish at home nothing compares to a king around here
  3. just got home went 12 for 18 on the weekend not bad for my first trip on lake O for salmon . I just wanted to say thanks to all the guys who gave me pointers all the little things add up at the end..
  4. its getting close lake Ontario bound Friday morning cant wait my virgin trip for the king any pointers would be greatly appreciated just baught a copper rod a wire dipsy and a lead core and also have 4 downriggers I know how to run the riggers but knew to the other three
  5. how much copper were you running? thanks for the help I will need it. I caught my biggest landlocked i have ever caught last weekend 8lbs in champlain caught him on nbk stinger 56 ft. down in 80fow and yes the lakers are lazy are they like that in Ontario also
  6. im going for my rookietrip to mexico this Friday can you share some info with me ? do you fish champlain? im on that lake all the time.
  7. hey me too I made my first trip to lake Ontario this spring on my own for browns it was fun only caught two browns but tons of lakers this weekend will be my first trip for kings on my own we should keep in touch channel 68 my boat is the home wrecker it s a blue and white starcraft islander
  8. I just stay in a old house trailer thereb ut they have 3or4 nice cabins its nice tob e ale to leave your boat right in the water they even have there own launch. last time I was there I went to stck.s for a drink its only a little ways up the road. I have a blue and white starcraft islander with a 9.9 merc 4 stroke kicker hope to see you out there our boat is called the home wrecker give us a shout when you get out there
  9. what do most guys fish with copper, spoons? ff?jplug? spin doc? also just bought a copper rig but I don't know what pound copper is on it does it matter? its seven strand that's all I know also does it matter what order you put your spread out riggers then dipsy then copper on the boards or vice versa
  10. im staying at catfish creek fishing camp I will give you a shout
  11. im going to mexico bay next weekend what channel do most guys use for fishing . I don't have a temp or speed probe are there guys out there that will help with temp.
  12. yea I fish lake George once in a while try trolling 1.8 to 2.0 no faster then 2.2 I do well in George with speedy shiners and cowbells right on the bottom try a f-7 flat fish behind the cowbells 30-36 inches back from cowbell and 15-20 feet back from the ball that f-7 is a hot lure on lake george
  13. what do the rings do? should I buy them I bought 3magnum dipsys for my trip do I need the rings also? another question will smelt work like herring and alewives for a meat rig
  14. im new to this what is meat a piece of cut bait ?
  15. what speed should I troll for lakers gps speed?
  16. if you only had 2 flasher fly combos for the month of august what would they be? also can you run spin doctors behind a wire dipsy? for lake Ontario what size dipsy should I buy ?
  17. how much leader do you run on leadcore ,sorry for all the questions I feel like an idiot I only fish small in land lakes but want to fish Ontario a lot more this web site is great I have learned so much from it
  18. what is a snubber and what is a meat rig
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