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  1. Enjoy your reports! Can't wait for my next trip. In the middle of July we were still reading water temps of 47'. I tried to explain to my newbies this was not normal. How much have the temps risen?
  2. I had a blast watching. Thanks for sharing! Nice brown!. I noticed that drop last week. Should have givin it a try!
  3. Picked up a laker yesterday in 145' of water, orange and silver spoon. Had some fun with fresh water drum in the bay while awaiting the fog to lift. Thanks for your help! It felt great to be out on the lake trolling again. God willing I'll be back in August, if not next spring. The view of the bluffs while trolling is just awesome!
  4. Went east out of the shoot and picked up 2 browns in close. Fished out to 125' without any luck..... Any suggestions would be appreciated!
  5. Trolled all day From 10' to 130'. Caught 2 browns in close. Went east out of the shoot. Any advise is appreciated...thanks
  6. Looking forward to fishing out of Sodus Bay Next week! It's been a long time since my last trip. Thanks for the reports! Hopefully we'll get some nice fish. What channel do you guys use up there?
  7. What a great memory you'll have to share together! Congrats on that Hog!!
  8. Switching over my Penn 320 GTI reels from 30 lb. braid to mono. What test do you reccomend? I was thinking we used to use 15 or 17.
  9. The last time I fished Lake Ontario I used Rapallas and NK28 along with NK Mags. I hope they still catch fish because I'm coming up in June and hoping to use them. First trip back since 2003... Can't wait!
  10. Look forward to your posts! Thanks for sharing! Just spooled one of my 320GTI Penns with 15 lb lead core. Never tried it before.
  11. I hope NK28 and Mags still work! I have a ton of them as well as rapallas.
  12. When we first started coming up Louis was pretty secretive about giving out information! Once we gained his trust we'd walk in and ask what they were biting on. He would walk over to the shelf and pick out some spoons for us! Caught my biggest King on one made locally called Monkey Puke...lol a young guy bought Screwey Louis last time I was up there. is it still there?
  13. It's been many years since I've fished up there and the information is truly helpful. I cannot wait for the first release to pop! The only information that we had was from Screwy Lewey!
  14. Coming back to fish out of Fairhaven in the middle of June. I have not been there in 12 years...can't wait. Love reading these reports..Thanks for Sharing I'll be looking for some help once I get up there. Chasing striper in the Chesapeake till then.
  15. My planers are the old school type (homemade 3 board style). I have a mast on the front and use releases.
  16. The responses are awesome! Should I still use planing boards while trolling in the deeper water or just the riggers?
  17. My name is Jay. After a 15 year absence from fishing Lake Ontario I'll be back fishing out of Sodus Bay in June.( Absence due to raising kids). I have a 20' grady White Overnighter with a 200 HP motor. The boats name is Bunker Down. Look forward to meeting and fishing with some of you in June!
  18. Thanks Joe. How deep are the steelhead?
  19. Thanks for the replies! I was hoping to be able to hit some Browns and hopefully a spring King!
  20. I'm going to stay on Sodus Bay in early June. I have a 20' Grady with down riggers and planers. I have fished that area many times before,however; not for at least 15 years. Is this a good time still for Browns? What can I expect to catch trolling that time of year. Thanks, Jay
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