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  1. From reading reviews online, I think the constant that I see is ground blind hunters having success with them, I have not read one bad review with them being used in that application.  It appears to be mixed reviews with tree stand hunters which falls into my category.  You are right, it's a lot of money for something that works only part of the time.


    Appreciate the feedback

  2. Anyone use Ozonics Ozone Generator for deer hunting?  Any comments on how effective it has been?  I’m looking at the options and reading reviews, some indicate that it makes noise and just wondering if anyone has experience with them.



  3. It’s your scope.  I had the exact thing happen to my Leupold.  I missed a few really good deer at the same distance, 50-60 yards.  I would go back shoot the gun after missing one and get it back dialed in and the next outing it would be off again.  It took me two bad misses to send the scope to Leupold and had them replace the internal components to fix it.  Shoots lights out now.  My issue was that my scope cap was slightly touching my barrel and I believe as time went on the shock into the scope it  messed up IMO.   I have since changed to higher rings and I am good.  The story you told is my own about 5 years ago now.

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  4. I have been using a muzzleloader throughout shotgun for over 20 years now, I have a T/C Encore.  In my first few seasons I didn't realize the importance of having everything dry inside the barrel and breech plug meaning I was using oil and solvents to clean and maintain the gun which lead to issues (mainly in my first muzzleloader which was a Remington) on misfires.  Since then, I use Dawn soap and warm water and draw it into the barrel after I break the gun down and this cleans out everything in the barrel.  I do the same with the breech plug.  After I have done this, I run dry patches until I don't see any more residue from them.  I have not had any issues since making sure everything is left dry inside the barrel and breech since.  One final thing I will do is dry fire a primer outside (just the primer obviously) to burn or dry anything out.  T/C has a multitude of tools that help making cleaning the  breech plug much easier than when I started, I would assume your manufacturer has the same.  Good luck out there come late season.

  5. Hunted this morning, I had a small buck come in first light and then just before 8 I saw a mature buck come off the ridge in front of me.  I had him at 30 yards with the bow drawn 3 different times but could not get a good shot.  He moved into a small field and pushed a group of does into another wood lot.  Saw another 2-1/2  7 point push some does around with the occasional doe feeding through the area.  Back at it tonight.

  6. So I picked up my euro from my opening day buck this week, guy said that it was the oldest deer he has ever done, had it aged at 7-1/2 years plus.  In looking at the teeth, they were so ground down and some had hollow pockets from breaking down.  Unreal.  Most likely the deer was on a downward side of size from his prior years.  I have never killed one that old, all my larger deer have been at 3-1/2 years.  Thought it was worth sharing.  Congrats on all the great deer being taken.




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