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  1. Yes still for sale . 36" booms don't know age of them good working condition . No auto stop on them and counter all work good
  2. I have a set of mag 10a for sale . Good working condition only selling do to new boat came with a set . The one has small crack on motor box . $350 for pair . Local pick up . I live I Albany Ny area . I have no pay pal either . Any question pm me . Thanks again Mike
  3. Question for you guys that run Dispy diver . Does the color of them make a diffence . There are so many colors of them out there . But I see a lot of clear and black being used . Thanks for input.
  4. That awsome . I want to bring out my six year son out there .Is it better Mexico or Owsego
  5. Do you guys still run cow bells and peanuts early in spring . Also seen guys use small stick baits in back on cowbell.
  6. Thanks info . Pretty new to this game . Sounds pretty stright front .
  7. How is floor in it . What's in for fish/dept finder . What's the riggers. Where is boat located thanks again mike
  8. I see your point about the outboard and being able to use year around . Something to think about .
  9. Looking to buy a 18 to19 foot deep-V aluminum boat . I/O or O/B . Lund ,Starcraft etc. Like to stay under 9k . Send me a pm. Thanks again
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