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  1. I just realized I messed up my post a little, I should've been a bit more descriptive sorry bout that. I run 20 lb stren mono main line as well as leader from flasher to diver. I lost two spin docs the last two times I've been out. It's breaking at some point between the diver and flasher. I check the line as often as possible for nicks and I use spro swivels.
  2. Yeah I messed around with drag and a few other things so idk. Is wire the same as copper?
  3. What's up guys. Just wanted to see if anyone is running braid with dipsys. It seems like all of the really big fish I hook up on my divers end up breaking off, and I'm looking to try a new, stronger setup. If anyone runs a setup like this and could briefly describe it feel free to let me know. Thanks!
  4. Broke of something huge at 100 FOW right out front, decided to call it a day.
  5. Sweet deal man. We're gonna try heading inside to check out the brown bite.
  6. Haven't moved a rod in a while, just searching at this point. Nice fish trucksrule
  7. Another young king in 430 FOW. Diver pulling a pro troll 200 back on a 3 setting.
  8. Just did a young king in 400 on a different pro troll. I'll try to report as often as I can. Give em hell!
  9. Yup out of olcott right now. Lost a hog in 360 on a pro troll FF out 200 on a diver. Whatever it was must have liked it cuz he took it with him.
  10. All day pretty much, started in shallower at 8 ish and by the time we got into steelhead it was 11 or so and we did that till almost 2
  11. Yah 400-450 was our best bet. Could be a little different by now. I'm hoping to head out in the am I'll post a report if I can
  12. I was out last week, decent steelhead bite offshore
  13. I'm in olcott as well right now. Dropped in at 175 at about 8. 10 pound king on a light green/pearl glow SD and fly at about 9:30. Small steelie on the lead shortly after. Took a good shot on the same SD at about 10:30 but no one home. Same thing on the lead at around 11. Mostly north troll all day, all action between 350-400 fow.
  14. Nice fish. I'm hoping to head out Saturday morning hopefully I can get into some steel like that!
  15. I was out a few days ago out of olcott and it was pretty slow as well. Can't wait till it's not June lol
  16. Pulled off at 10:30. Ended up 1-3 with this little guy on a cheater in 210 fow
  17. Yeah we got out as far as 410 and swung back in. Just took a good shot on a 42 second SD and fly in 280. Didn't get em tho. We might head back out deep and try your advice.
  18. Yup...been washin lures in olcott since 6:30
  19. That sounds about right, I'll try to give em hell tomorrow. If I think of it I'll post a report. Thanks for the advice!
  20. Sounds like you guys had a pretty good day! I'm lookin to head out of Olcott tomorrow in the AM, any advice?
  21. Sweet, thanks for the input. I'll have to play around with different temps depending on where the bait is and what not... If I ever get the hell out there lol. Hopefully this weekend. Tight lines gents!
  22. What's up guys. I usually try to run in the low 50's as far as temperature, but I don't look at it a hell of a lot. I mostly just try to get the speed right. Anyone doing anything different or have something work better? Lemme know what ya think. Thanks!
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