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  1. What do you like about the Maxima Chameleon?
  2. Whats up guys. I've been running 20lb stren mono on all my rigger and diver rods for a few years now. I haven't really had any problems, but just wondering if there were anything better out there. Lemme know what ya like.
  3. What's up guys. Iv'e been fishing lake O for a while now with some pretty decent success. I have a 206 sea pro walk around and I run two riggers off the back, divers off the side, and a lead down the chute. Iv'e heard that a copper rig can really add a lot to your presentation. If I bought a copper rod/reel, what size should I get? I know they come in various lengths/sizes etc. I have heard guys say good things about running it straight out the back as well as off a planer, so I'm not sure where I would put it. Also, I was wondering if I should replace my leadcore with the copper, or have both. I asked someone and they pretty much told me to just ditch the lead. So if I go with copper, what should I get, and how should I run it. If you could give any tips or advice it would be much appreciated!
  4. I switched to the 12lb torpedo weights a few years ago and they track pretty straight without much blowback.
  5. Everyone has different preferences/techniques that works for them. It seems the last few years a good down speed for me has been the low side of 2. I usually like to keep it between 1.8 and 2.1. Usually I do like a lazy S pattern or something if I see what I like on the graph. Chances are if you're on the bait and doing the right speed you'll be good to go.
  6. I went out with a couple of friends a few years ago and we had been fishing since sunrise. 9:00 rolls around and we hadnt landed any yet. One of my friends asked if any of us wanted a banana. No sooner did the owner of the boat throw the entire bunch overboard. He was like "dont you know these are bad luck?!". 10 minutes later we boated a fish. I've never brought bananas on a boat since then haha.
  7. My father and I both shoot powerbelts out of our CVA's and have had good success. Its usually no problem to get a one inch group at 100 yards. Hes been muzzleloading a lot longer so they work better for him, he highly recomends them tho.
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