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  1. Gotta love that, maybe skip another week or so lol Thanks
  2. Thinking of heading up Thursday or Friday, wondering how bad the fleas are ? Would probably be fishing north of Longpoint Thanks
  3. Post was actually meant for sgilbert, sorry fisherdude, lol
  4. Fisherdude: Speed doesn't sound too bad, trolling bags better than buckets & less likely to mess up your hull. I run one off each side, just ahead of transom, helps with speed & handling on windy days. Lure, size & color vary day to day, so don't get too hung up. Temp more important than depth get yourself a down probe, 45-55 degrees will be where you want to be
  5. I have a newer 5.0 mercruiser, when first put in water had same symptoms There is a prefilter disk that was clogged up, sits under then fuel filter my marina aces had missed it
  6. Glen Quick Eagle Rock Charters 315 283 2815 Glenn does real nice work, made a set a dipsey rods for me and all the rods he uses on his charters Recently had a fire though, not sure of his availability Give him a try
  7. You guys have me second guessing now, I'm also in the market for a coyote/fox gun did some research and pretty much decided on a Savage axis in 223. Like it for wide range of ammo available, but the consensus here seems to be 22-250???
  8. Try mounting a couple of Mag 10's with 12lber's to the back of that thing, so you can get down to where the fish are
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