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  1. thats passion. I was an observer, and i heard the comment "I would hate to be an observer on that boat"(not the one pictured but another 20 ft +/- boat. The boats will take it but you get beat up fishing in those conditions. Hats off to those guys. If i could make it happen i would be the guy you are laughing at in a small boat.
  2. My work situation has let me down this year. I'm looking for a chance to work on someones boat. I know it's late in the season, but i'm reliable and hard working. I love seeing people catch fish, and hope to be a part of it. I'm available anytime. PM me.
  3. Her first king of three for the day. Well first king ever! 15#(pictured), 18#, and 22#.
  4. Seneca gets rougher than cayuga because its strait. If you have gotten blown off the north end of the lake with a north wind, i would suggest Owasco as an alternative. Its a nice little lake, and you can cover the whole thing in one day. Not as big so it doesnt get as rough. The launch at the north end in auburn is on the outlet with current, i would suggest launching at the south end (south shore marina) if you have a decent sized boat. The lake is only about 10 miles long so its not that much further of a drive. Take 34 to auburn and 38 down the lake.
  5. We had a good time. If it wasn't for those damn bananas! Dinner Is good enough for me. Fun time. My 5th year. Thanks Scott and everyone else who puts this on.
  6. Frogger. You can launch anywhere on the lake just be at meyers for the weigh in. It is one mans legal limit of trout and salmon. Its all for fun and bragging rights. We put in our money at the weigh in. If you have more questions tomorrow most of us have our radios on 68. Good luck, see you at the weigh in!
  7. The lamprey have been hitting them hard this year. We haven't had the numbers or quality on our boat as years past. Maybe it will just be hard on our boat lol. But the fish in the tournaments have been smaller end of last year and this year than past years. It all will cycle around like it always does.
  8. Cayuga is going to be tough this year
  9. Havent seen anything for this year. Are we still having one?
  10. Congrats on your weekend! As usual we were on the board till the last minute. Liz weighed in a fish that was third for female div. at 11:30 monday, so we went to geneva to see the final results. Bumped off again. Always so close lol. Oh well, had a good time and some good filets to grill up.
  11. I might be looking for a ride to watkins from sampson after big fish friday if anyone is heading that way. Leaving the truck at watkins and catching a ride trolling up the lake to sampson. I'll be at sampson the rest of the weekend but dont have a site for friday so i'll be heading back home for the night. Good luck to everyone! It's always a good time.
  12. Hey it's Ben formely lil' troller. The old man won't have the boat in until sat. I'm in if anyone needs an extra guy. Someone needs to show you seneca boys how its done lol! haha sorry, Nick wanted trash talk.
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