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  1. If you are going to spend all your time fishing doing nothing but trolling a kicker will be a benefit. If it is a few times here and there I think the kicker isn't always needed. Just depends on your fishing style.
  2. Might be interesting with the colder waters if they don't warm up.
  3. Small mouth seem to be liking the lures more than walleye do. Picked up one 26" yesterday in chaumont.
  4. The more floating stuff is just structure for them to hide around.
  5. I'm hearing it's too wet. I'll just use the parks ramp. And yes I'll be there soon.
  6. Lake storms and high winds can and will make lake Ontario have storm surges which will make the water change levels like that.
  7. As for clips to be used as a snap weight the ones from off shore tackle have a pin in the center so the fish can't shake the weight off the line. A regular release wouldn't have that pin in the center.
  8. Guess that gives a new meaning to combat fishing. I am sure some where around Chaumont is about where I will be headed. Just need to drive there first.
  9. Let me know where those walleye are biting!
  10. These things only stick to the line from trolling?
  11. How has the fishing been out there. Here visiting for a few weeks and need in to fill the void with some big fish stripping line off the reels. What depths they been biting at?
  12. Care to share for others to stay away from the nasty snag?
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