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  1. Hey guys and gals, I started running dual sub trolls recently and for some reason the port sub troll temp is mimicking the starboard  temp. I raise the starboard rigger up or down , as temp changes so does the port temp matching pretty much exactly. How can this be when the signal goes up through the cable and they are completely separated up to the power source box. Any ideas or past experience?

  2. A lot of posts have pointed to carb and or pump. I'm dropping the carb off today for rebuild and replacing the pump which could possibly be the original over 21 yrs old. Last things it could be short of being an electronic issue. Thanks for all the input , hopefully we're done here!!! 

  3. C50973E1-ED08-40A8-9DC7-C0A56DE52A83.thumb.jpeg.10813ec25afa7f7ed4ad8c35658fd991.jpegDusty it has an electronic ignition, some kind of digital type only used for a couple yrs. With a control module also. Bozeman, thanks for the info, might get another carb , get back on the water quicker. 

  4. Don't forget that the depth on the rigger gauge is not real depth when trolling. Angle of the cable makes a significant change in depth. True or very close depth is : cable out x cosign of estimated angle. There are charts available, google it, or do the math and make your own.

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  5. I have traded lead for made weights with Troutman, you need to make it somewhat worth his while but if you can't find molds, give him a call and maybe work something out. He lives in Watkins Glenn though, I have a place on Keuka so it wasn't a big deal for me to meet him on 14A.

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