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  1. I tried the cleaner sold at Walmart in the boating section. Spray it on and the scum disappears right before your eyes. Just hose it off. No scrubbing needed. Not sure of the name. Used on an Islander, did not remove any paint.

  2. When retrieving the line with a fish on a lower lead, try dropping the line into a 5 gal pail and hooking the leaders on the edge of the pail, If a fish runs , let go of the line ,the line will pull from the pail and the spoons will pop off the edge. Keep the pail near the back of the boat unobstructed. Works pretty good most of the time. When he stops , repeat process.

  3. Bring a pair of hip waiters and a 5ft rod of some sort. Find the end of the pad a poke the rod in close to the dock. better safe than sorry. I went there today and measured  with a stick and there's just about 3ft near the end of the dock. Recent rain brought it up a little since last week. Forecasted more off and on over next week. Low trailer should be good for awhile.

  4. I spray a little on my hands and then rinse in the lake before touching rigger balls and releases. Masking human scent and  other smells that can get on your hands does help. Heard about a study done , one side of boat with spray, other side without. Side with scent cover was hit almost exclusively. 

  5. If it ain't broke don't fix it. Use the boat, if it sounds and runs good and doesn't use oil, go for it. If one motor starts acting up then it may be time to rebuild. Motors taken care of can run forever. Had a searay with the 3.0 motor for 25 yrs plus 5 for previous owner and never replaced any interior parts. Mega water skiing and fishing.

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