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  1. Does the Garmin have all the necessary accessories?
  2. Had a small cluster off sandy Creek on a wire rig Friday. That was it.
  3. I was out of sandy in a 19ft starcraft. If it was me, I didn't see you anyways. there was also a 22ft out there.
  4. Get to IBay early, line forms quickly and heard people are parking every which way because there's water in 1/2 the lot. A little water never hurt anyone, well most.
  5. Golden Alternator on Elmgrove road also will.
  6. I think it's been done. They probably spawned where ever they could find that 41-43 temp whether in the river, creeks or lake shore line. Another screwy year.
  7. Still have ice flowing down the river.Hopefully gone by this weekend. If so, they should start running hard. Verified at a bait shop yesterday.
  8. I was out last sat and they were almost nonexistent off sandy creek in 125-200 feet. I do use flea flicker and blood run on my rigger poles, but my wire dipsies were coming up almost clean. non on rigger cables. Picked up 3 kings lost 2. Fished 47 deg to 52 where ever it was found in above mentioned depth. They are darkening a little now. Maybe try some 55-60 deg also.
  9. If longer leads off the riggers (25ft or more) are producing fish, IMO, probably pretty safe to run it. Just set it slightly above the riggers.
  10. Might want to print out a rigger wire angle chart also. calculates approx . true depth relevant to cable angle blowback. Google images and you'll find it. When you're in temp on your probe you can than set your dipsies accordingly.
  11. Went out Sandy Monday and the fleas are there also. They were mixed with the cotton and were a major P.I.T.A. to get off the line . 2 salmon one 16 the other 9.5 ,175 feet both on FF one rigger parked at 130( current blow back ,actual depth was about 105-44deg) and the other a dipsey with UV flasher and green atomic fly out 175 on 2 setting. Lost one also on same dipsey set. The dipsey fish was definitely out of temp. 16 lb female had eggs in her. Strange?
  12. Call tom at east fork marina, 2 min from launch. I'm pretty sure he'll let you park it there for a modest fee. Nice guy and one of the top mechanics around. Might have an empty slip for the night if you're lucky.
  13. I have picked up a couple on green uv rotating flasher with green atomic fly on a dipsey rod and I have been having good success with a 6-8ft cheater attached to cable and the main fish line with a rubber band located 8-10 feet above bottom spoon. I use a 3in spoon for the cheater similar in color to the larger bottom spoon. Bottom spoon is 15-20 feet back from ball. I also tend to put a rotating triangle flasher 4-6 feet back attached to the ball's rear loop, added attraction that works often.
  14. try the ACBS, google . Old wood boat club, they have a classified section.
  15. I use a dry marker and just write down the line out and settings next to the pole holders on the top of the gunwales and transome. Just erase with a cloth.
  16. Until you get a victrola, try dropping the wire into a 5 gal bucket or cut the bottom 2ft or so off a garbage can, it will be a little wider and coil better.
  17. Old school was to hang a lantern off the side and sew on a sawbellie and drop it ~ 5-10 ft below the school of bait that will show up.
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