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  1. Didn’t micro analyze the pictures, took a quick look. Most people would have mentioned that in the description. Nobody’s perfect so maybe just a little bit of an A..hole.
  2. Yup, just dug it up. Send me your number and I’ll text a picture to you. My phone and computer don’t play well. Old PC
  3. did that and there is no sold/closed option anywhere. There is an edit topic at bottom, clicked that and goes to my post and doesn't allow me to do anything. The dots are at top again, just goes into a repeating cycle.
  4. Opened up my original add to close and there is no edit choice at the bottom., only at three dots at top right. Clicked that and there is no full editor choice at bottom either. What am I missing? reards, Steve
  5. I have almost 2/3 bucket of 223/556 Uncleaned not deprimed brass, also approx. 100+. 308 brass looks clean but not deprimed. Make a reasonable offer. I also have a 50’s vintage Scott Atwater 5 horse outboard, hasn’t run in 12yrs but was running good until water pump went. Friend gave it to me with the pump and parts removed- have parts and manual. Make offer. Lastly I have a full custom canvas for a 1990 StarCraft islander 191v, great shape, blue age unknown don’t really use it, I have a half cover I’m using now and in the process of having a new half cover made. Looking to get about 800 for it. I know a new one these days is close to 2000 ,negotiable. Send texts to Steve at 585-481-7148
  6. I think a lot of Robins never left. I've been seeing them all winter long. We're going to get nailed probably sooner or later.
  7. Muzzy 100's, 300grn arrow launched by a PSE bow at 292ft/sec 90+% pass throughs. Even blasted through both shoulders at 35 yrds, not a pass through but through. SPEED kills.
  8. I have never turned in trailer plates . You don't need ins. for a trailer, so I don't think you necessarily have to turn in the plates. IMO
  9. If I get out again, will swap probes first and bring new batteries also. Thanks for the ideas.
  10. I misread, I thought it was x17. Not the right one. thanks anyways.
  11. Where are you located? I just destroyed my original one same size I believe. Thank you low water at sandy creek.
  12. Hey guys and gals, I started running dual sub trolls recently and for some reason the port sub troll temp is mimicking the starboard temp. I raise the starboard rigger up or down , as temp changes so does the port temp matching pretty much exactly. How can this be when the signal goes up through the cable and they are completely separated up to the power source box. Any ideas or past experience?
  13. I hear the lake flipped, what would be the best strategy for finding mid ten salmon for winter freezer stockpile? I'm thinking out deep where the temps may be more stable. What's your opinions guys based on experience. Thanks in advance for the help.
  14. I remove my probe when fishing lakers after I check temp. lost a set up on hemlock once, never again.
  15. A lot of posts have pointed to carb and or pump. I'm dropping the carb off today for rebuild and replacing the pump which could possibly be the original over 21 yrs old. Last things it could be short of being an electronic issue. Thanks for all the input , hopefully we're done here!!!
  16. I want to replace the fuel pump also but don't want a mercury one if the internal coating is a problem according to Bruce's post. Any recommendations for a replacement aftermarket pump?
  17. SamonSez, thanks for that info, I will definitely give him a call, can't go wrong with his experience!
  18. Bruce did you have to take apart the carb and clean out the ports etc.
  19. Privatedata, I drained tank, checked fuel lines to pump, replaced fuel pump filter and installed a water separator all in last 3 weeks. Heath, could be the module, Tom at east fork said the same. Hopefully not. They are NLA, hard to find and mucho expensive, I believe the coil is part of the module. Pump is mechanical.
  20. Bruce, would your boat stall and then start right back up and stall again when accelerating? Did it happen during an outing with it seeming ok for awhile then act up? What kind of pump did you replace it with, OEM or another brand?
  21. Dusty it has an electronic ignition, some kind of digital type only used for a couple yrs. With a control module also. Bozeman, thanks for the info, might get another carb , get back on the water quicker.
  22. Maybe the carb does need rebuilding again, I'll try to find somebody to do it, I never have. Thinking of replacing the pump also incase of an internal issue, but seems to be OK, there is pressure in the lines when I pop one off the separator.
  23. Just asked tom Barbera if he rebuilt the carb and said he did 6 yrs ago when he had the boat for a few weeks. I bought it from him. The boat is not heavily used, limited to lake O wave action.
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