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  1. Watkins Glenn has Troutman, makes torpedo weights. Someone on here may have his number readily available. His name is Harvey somethin.
  2. Depends on leader length. If 3-8 feet, I would use flourocarbon for the invisible factor.
  3. Route 98. to the east of you almost 2x's as far as 78 and north to the launch. 98 ends at oak orchard creek. Looks like almost at least an hour drive. Google Old North Inn . It's a pub right next to the launch. Give you an idea.
  4. maybe 25 bucks. I've had it for over 20yrs collecting cob webs and it is bent a little. Very repairable, but usable now as long as you don't forget to put it up before you gun it.. Do you launch out of The Oak ? If so I can meet you there sometime soon.
  5. You can have mine cheap. Are you local? I live in Hilton
  6. What broke on your plate? I have one I don't use. Bent a little but all the other hardware is good.
  7. Steve.e

    Bullhead Bite

    They had a contest down there last weekend before this past one, people spanked them. My friend and daughter got 1.5 buckets in a couple or so hours.
  8. Chas0218, Guy in the classifieds has a set of smart tabs for sale, no hoses no wires.
  9. Small Outboards normally drain themselves if the shaft is vertical, I have never worried about it with my 2 small outboards, just throw them in the garage every fall and my garage is not insulated. Not sure about the newer larger outboards, I think they may be the same.
  10. I agree with scobar. Just had mine fixed at a rebuild shop in Rochester, 55 bucks. Needed a new brush( which he had to fabricate from a bigger one) and spring and a good cleaning. Shouldn't cost more than ~100 for any repair. Worth looking into.
  11. Canisus at night in May is good also, stay in 5-8 feet along the shore. I had luck with worm harnesses with no weight, sutton spoons with a small splishot , especially when the mooneyes(saw bellies) are spawning along the shorline. My friend always uses a F-11 rapala as long as it has a lot of silver. Looks like a mooneye. Honeoye works too.
  12. I've caught them up by Seth Green island also, between the island and shore . Granted it was many moons ago. Also I tried eating one and it tasted like the river smells sometimes. Anyone else experience this? Was catching them in June.
  13. Steve.e


    look in classifieds, stuff available.
  14. For those who don't have true depth (like me), the running depth of the ball can be estimated by multiplying the cable out number by the cosine of the estimated cable angle. I use this to set my dipsies after hits on the riggers at the estimated depth. Seems to work for me. Cosine charts can be found using google images.
  15. Now that i saw the snake head pics, and they dont appear to have a dorsal , I agree.
  16. It looks like a pirate fish due to it's tail. Is the dorsal fin folded down or it doesn't have one? They are an endangered species I think. They stopped a bridge reconstruction in North Greece once many moons ago due to the presence of pirate perch in the creek.
  17. There is an uncoated cable available for the subtroll also. Copper wire encased in ss wire. Same 150lb strength.
  18. Smallcal, got busy at work, left without getting your number. I"ll contact you on Monday eve.
  19. Never PM'd anyone. How?
  20. I'm looking on google earth and would like to know the shape of the property, and is the property on both sides of power line?
  21. Doesn't the county own that launch? Conesus is still charging also. Greedy gov ...............
  22. I believe east fork does have some inside storage in a barn .
  23. I run bells, lake rigs or hot spots off the ball with 4ft of leader, and set a flutter spoon or spin and glow 2ft above and 4 ft behind the attractor. This eliminates the extra drag bringing in a fish and you can run the attractors real close to bottom and not pick up junk on your bait when attached to the attractors. Also this will allow a stacker to be utilized if wanted. I like fighting just a fish as much as possible.
  24. I.have a cottage on the east side abut 8 mi out of Penn Yan. Catch mostly lakers, how about you?
  25. I have my rigger lines spliced with 120ft of Fleaflicker now. A friend and I just bought 1200 yrds of blood run. I plan on spooling 2 for now for a side by side test. Fishy are you a Keuka resident or cottage owner?
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