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  1. I would get a designated dipsy rod. They have to be able to handle a massive amount of force, especially if running a mag dipsy or 1's with an over sized ring. If you need to troll fast, even more so.
  2. I agree,They are hard to keep alive. I used them a couple times on Keuka lake. I kept the water cold( dump some ice in now and then) and a bubbler, they stayed alive for a few days. And believe it or not, I heard they put a little bit of table salt in the water also. Beverage baron in PennYan might still sell them. Beer and sawbellies, good to go.
  3. I assume you have a speed and temp probe. If you find bait and temp, you'll find salmon usually. Fish salmon temps(43-55) around bait and things should happen. We're getting salmon in as close as 75-120 feet in the early morning around Sandy Creek (Hamlin) and browns also. Browns like ~60 deg near bottom. Steel head are usually out deeper ~150 to infinity. 55-65 deg. I usually don't mark a lot of salmon , but catch them anyways. If you don't find bait ( haven't seen much lately) fish the temps, move around and mark way points and go to them . They can produce time and time again. Also some days it'll be a spoon bite( green colors are consistent usually) others a fly bite. Sometimes both. Keep changing presentation ,ie. colors, speed, various attractors, no attractors, distance from ball and FOW. It's a learning process, be patient, listen, read, ask the questions and take the licks. You will get better. Just a note: Rick Pecci of Dreams Come True Charters in Mexico can be hired to come on your boat and set it up and give you a ton of info for a fee. I'm sure you'll get more info, good luck and get slammin some salmon.
  4. I lost a moore with a troutman 13# torpedo straight off the Genesee last year .~ 100 fow. Reward !!!!!!!
  5. Maybe it's because we are in the middle of tournament season. Money sometimes doesn't talk. Also it's been pretty rough out lately.
  6. Smooth aluminum or steel rod works real good on wire. I'll have to try the platic spoon on mono.
  7. MikeyP, is the unit still avail? My PM is my work email, I wont be there for 2 weeks. Please call me at 585-392-7896 this morning or evening.
  8. What happened to the cable? I may be interested. I will be in Mexico Bay Sat for a salmon school.
  9. I heard they don't like cedar. There was a sight that is out of business now that sold a type called hinoki , a Japanese cedar. Actually had a spray for mosquitoes and biting flies. I'm going to try regular cedar , also Off makes a spray that says for biting flies, it works OK.
  10. If you want it thick and put just a little spot dab on the lure,fly, use vegetable shortening. Thick and pretty much scentless.
  11. Might want too clean up that lower unit, not a pretty sight. It's one of the first things people look at.
  12. Harv O'hara may be interested in a chunk, he makes torpedo weights. 607-535-2390
  13. Could be a faulty breaker or your motor drawing too much current due to resistance (motor straining to turn the pulley) Does the motor seem to be turning at the correct speed? Also may be motor is bad. Any starter rebuild shop can rebuild it . I had one fixed for 55 bucks at Golden Alternator.
  14. Doesn't look like it. No wire from rear pulley.
  15. maybe try shrink tubing. gets pretty tight if you use the right diameter and it's flexible.
  16. How heavy is the boat?
  17. Guys, this dude needs help with his motor. Let's keep it focused on that. He seems to have fixed the dying issue, now it has developed a knock that got progressively worse as he ran it wide open. He did try to remove the fly wheel the other day but busted a bolt. He fixed that but couldn't get the wheel off anyways. Sounds like a timing issue now. Any ideas?
  18. Asking for a friend. Is there a Force outboard doctor in the house? His fires up, runs good at first, then guns it,OK for 1/2 mile then dies and won't start.
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