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  1. Hi everyone looking for a good mechanic to check out my 40hp need. Preferably in the Oswego area but Willing to travel if I have too. Thanks for any info.
  2. Just to let you know you will still get the fleas on the wire.. but id take the wire over braid any day anyways..
  3. I got some of the Cortland flea flicker off eBay last year. seems to be fine.. not brittle or anything from being old. I've never used the blood run stuff but with the flea flicker I did take the advice I read about after spooling up before running it i let it all out on the lake and then reeled it back in. Haven't had any problems with the way it seats on the reel..
  4. There is also a triathlon going on Saturday and the launch will be closed from 6am to 2pm the woman at the booth said.
  5. I like to get some emerald shiners run up to just below the devil's hole this side of the power houses and drift the American side tucked tight to the shoreline get quite a few steelies that way.. Drift them with a 3 way.. We usually take turns in the bow drifting as you usually need one person on the controls keep the boat at the right angle \ distance. Also have done well with that same technique drifting Kwik fish
  6. Just to let you know they put in a pay meter and are making you pay now 8 bucks. This was yesterday. I also got my ticket at 7am yesterday paid with a cc and at 1038 I was written a warning about not having ticket too bad whoever wrote the ticket didn't do their job and look as they put the warning notice right over the stub on the dash. What a bunch of.... I'll leave it at that..
  7. We've been fishing outta Wright's since March 8th. We've been west and east with East seeming to be better for us so far. Nothing huge but have been getting some browns although it's been spotty for us. Flatline stick baits mostly but have gotten a few on 2color leadcore with spoons
  8. I bought those opti tackle boards the green ones for $20 apice and the front release broke on the 4 that I bought. It's made from hard plastic and seems to just snap at the base. So I just went out and got the church walleye boards.. I run the small church 15s in and the offshore and bigger church boards on the outside. In a kayak ID say in MHO the smaller church boards you couldn't go wrong with. And they stay on your line good also. Also when running braid just double wrap the front release and it stays in place just fine..
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