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  1. I believe these aluminum boats have metal stringers, except for the front engine mount which is a small block of wood attached to metal. My starcraft islander has such set up. The transom wood should be looked at. If it was stored covered all the time (and in the slip) the transom bottom should be OK.

  2. I have a place on Keuka and a walleye carcass washed up on my shore last year. It appeared to be about 15-16 inches but it was only a head and skin. It looked like it was filleted. Maybe caught somewhere else and brought home and cleaned. Surprised the heck out of me, didn't know they were in there. Fished that lake since I could hold a pole, never caught one.

  3. For a fixed slider on coated I put the snap for the slider on the fishing line and then attach a small wimpy rubber band to the coated cable, loop around cable and through itself, then loose end in snap. This will hold it in place on coated cable where ever you want it. Good size fish will bust the rubber band and  pop release . Use  Blacks or chamberlin for release just above ball. Works pretty good.

  4. I have fished it before many moons ago. Loaded with largemouth bass, some over 5lbs, and small panfish. We caught one pike also. Altogether we landed over 25 bass. can't keep them I believe. A DEC cop pulled over and was watching us for awhile. This was over 30yrs ago. 

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