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  1. There is an attach image function, I can host them on photobucket. I don't want to do it without your permission but if you want them up I can do it pretty quick.
  2. PM Sent. I can post some pics up if you send them to me as well.
  3. I was catching some of those things kayak fishing last year. They are actually a lot of fun and fight pretty hard. They were hitting these rip-off Wally-Divers I got at Dick's.
  4. Well it would be a record for me... nice deer!
  5. I hunted this weekend in 9N. There were quite a few scrapes and a buck busted me while I was standing near one. He came up the ridge behind my back and snorted while I was facing the other way. Made me jump out of my boots! I never got to see him though, just heard him bounding back down the bank and out. There were scrapes all over the place, several lines. My uncle watched a 6 point thrash on a tree for a while so the rubs are gonna show up soon as well if they aren't around already. Lots of deer activity, but the wind was very swirly and tough to hunt. FWIW, the deer activity did seem to line up with the solunar calendar. Not sure yet if I believe in it but it has lined up pretty well so far for me.
  6. Very nice deer! Congrats!
  7. Good shootin'! Those buggers are hard to hit!
  8. My problem with this is just with paying NY more money. It's pretty hard not to be cynical of their motives.
  9. I have a friend coming up to visit this Saturday and he wants to go out fishing. I have 2 kayaks, and I need to go out somewhere that will be Kayak accessible. Both the Genesee and Braddock are pretty close to me and I could make it to Irondequoit bay easily enough. My gut is to take him up the genesee towards High Falls, I have had the best luck through there but I always seem to catch mostly catfish. Any tips or pointers? I'd like to get on some smallmouth but the last couple of times fishing in Braddock and Irondequoit were unproductive although that was about a month ago now.
  10. I have done some trolling for pike out of a small boat. The classic "Pike spoon" is a Daredevil red with white stripe. They seem to like Frog patterns too. I caught my largest northern trolling a River Runt, which is an old school plug. It had a yellow and green honeycomb pattern. Unfortunately I lost that lure, but other river runts do well if you can get ahold of them. They also seem to hit just about any lure a bass would hit, if you are in an area with both bass and northern you can catch a lot of both with the same lures. I don't know what lake you're on but in a lot of places topwater casting really heats up at dusk. If you can get in right next to some lilly pad beds and fish a small or medium sized jitterbug along the edge of the lillies it can make for some explosive action for bass and northerns. I've never had too much luck with walleye.
  11. I would love to! I am going to be out of town for a while starting tomorrow, I will shoot you a PM when I get back. Thanks for the offer. I have a friend who has a slip at Ibay, unforturnately he hates fishing... go figure! Do you find the surface temp helps with anything? And with the handheld GPS are you using paper charts or do you have waypoints or something plotted in?
  12. I saw on another forum a thread about some guy from RIT who had built a robotic submersible. He was using it to find wrecks in Ontario. I can't remember what his name was but I wonder if this is the same guy.
  13. Daybreak - Thanks so much for the offer. I would love to come out and check out the boat, but I'd like to do a charter even more. I am out of town this week and next but I will try to drum up some interest. Shouldn't have to twist too many arms! The boat looks beautiful all rigged up for fishing...
  14. Thanks for the replies gentlemen! Shadster - I started off on this quest by talking to Grant Wooldridge. He sent me pricing on his models and was real great about answering questions and sending me literature for all his models. I really like the wooldridge boats and if money was not an issue I think they would be my first choice. They really are custom so you can get whatever your heart desires on the thing. However the issue with pricing is that, firstly they are expensive in base form compared to a HewesCraft/Alumaweld/Rogue (Pro Steelheader)/Raider. And secondly, they are very bare bones in base form and the options add up very quickly. So they seem to end up quite a bit above the "cheaper" plate boats in price although they are in line with the higher-end manufacturers like North River/Pacific Black Lab/Northwest Boats. Who knows, I might still go this way if I can get a good deal from Wooldridge. I'm sure the quality is worth the money. John E Powell - I just saw a post the other day on here about the Stanley boats. They do have some very interesting looking models. I am not sure how they price out in comparison or what hoops I might have to jump through to get a Canadian boat imported into the US. I like the look of the "Raised Deck" model a lot, and the Islander models look pretty bullet proof. I'll have to check these out. Patio - Thanks for the Ipad info. Cool video... I think mine does not have GPS after doing some research, it is an Ipad 3 but I didn't get the wifi add on so I think it doesn't have real GPS either. It does use triangulation and some other stuff to estimate but it isn't quite the same. However, an ipad mini or something is kind of cheap compared to a "real" chartplotter so I am still going to consider this option.
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