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  1. If you are looking for Lake trout in northeast Pa, try Harveys Lake in Luzurne County. It is the largest natural lake in Pa. and there still are a few Lakers in it. Water is still cold yet, 41 degrees. Spoons or cow bells work well...
  2. If you are barred from Canada, you are barred... end of story
  3. Nice fish! The old gold rapala!! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  4. Okay thank you. What are you asking for it after you remove your riggers and electronics. I have a larger boat I use on the big water that is fully equipped. I'm looking for a smaller boat to use that runs cheaper for bass, walleye...
  5. If you want some really good fishing, look up Capt. Moe on the Reel Lucky. Great fisherman!! Located down by Turtle Krawls
  6. Thanks for the offer to split gas. Where are you out of and how much notice do you need to go?
  7. Hello.. I am new to LOU. I fish out of Henderson Harbor, my boat is name Sizematters Too. She is a 2004 Luhrs 30 open. I have been fishing this lake for 9 years now. Since i have started fishing here, I have evolved into my third boat. I hail from NEPA and come up most weekends to enjoy the fishing.
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